Suzan Mazor delivers an honest story about her origins while entertaining a huge audience in just 5 minutes.

TCSP shines the Members’ Spotlight on long-time member Suzan Mazor for her bravery giving a 5-minute TED talk at Ignite Seattle in March. A pediatric ER doctor by day, and a stand-up entertainer by night, Suzan had the audience in stitches about her mom’s decision that brought Suzan here. Ignite Seattle is the largest open submission public speaking event in the PNW.

When did you first start playing tennis and with whom?

In 2014, I took my first tennis lesson. The coach used orange balls and I honestly thought, “wow, i’m amazing at this!”. When we switched to yellow balls, I quickly realized that was NOT TRUE. In fact, I had to repeat “Tennis in Ten” twice. It was “Tennis in 20” for me. From there, I started taking classes here at TCSP. You can see me learning a backhand in the “We are TCSP” video- I think this must have been circa 2015. 

What is the top reason you decided to make tennis part of your life?

I wanted to try new sport, and was deciding between tennis and soccer, but the outfits for tennis were way better. 

What has been your favorite playing experience playing at TCSP?

The people!! Teammates, coaches and staff. Hanging out with my team at Willy’s, doing the Turkey Burn and Triples Night.

What are your goals for future play?

To keep improving….. and not hurt myself!

What is one thing we might be surprised to learn about you?

Here are two things: 1) My name is spelled “Suzan”, but pronounced “Suzanne” (thanks, mom). 2) I did the Berlin Rollerblade Marathon last year. I have an elbow road burn scar as a souvenir, and now own not one but two butt pads. 5 stars, would do again!