TCSP Policies

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Classes & Private Lessons

Membership: Membership is required for all private lessons, semi-private lessons and group classes at TCSP.
Class Change Policy:
  • Class withdrawals and other schedule changes must be requested before the first day of each session begins. Members will receive an account credit refund for the full class fee if requested within this time frame.
  • Requests for withdrawals after each session has begun will be refunded a prorated amount of the class fee in account credit based on the number of classes remaining in the session if made by the first Sunday of the session. No account credit will be issued after the second week or later.
  • The only exception to this policy will be if a member has become injured and provided written notice to TCSP of their injury by emailing (for adult players) or (for junior players). A physician’s note is required for any credit to be processed. Once the physician’s note has been received, TCSP will process a prorated account credit refund based on the date of the initial written notice.
  • For instance, if the first day of the session is Monday, August 30th, 2021, then the last day to withdraw from a class without a physician’s note is Sunday, September 5th, 2021 for an account credit refund.

Class Make-Up Policy: Please note that TCSP does not offer a make-up policy for missed classes. There will also be no issuance of account credit or financial refunds for missed classes.

Substitution Policy: Please note that TCSP does not allow substitutes for any tennis or fitness classes. You cannot have anyone fill in for you in a class.
Private Lesson Cancellation Policy: Players must contact their Tennis Pro or our Private Lesson Coordinator ( directly if they are unable to attend a private lesson. If canceling within 48 hours prior to your lesson, you are still responsible for paying the cost of the entire lesson.


Please make sure you receive a confirmation email after signing up for a Designated Drop-in spot. If you believe you completed your sign-up for a drop-in spot but did not receive an email, please reach out to our member services department so we can confirm your spot in the class.

Class Drop-In Policy: Members with eligible ratings may participate on a drop-in basis in workout classes with open spaces (for list of applicable classes, see list below). There are no Drop-Ins for instructional classes in order to maintain the progression of each class.
To successfully drop in to a class, players must ensure the following requirements are met:
  • Desired class is a drop-in eligible class (see list below)
  • Membership is current. View membership info here.
  • Player rating is appropriate for the class. View info on how to get rated here.
  • A valid credit card is on file or the class fee is paid prior to drop-in.
There are two types of drop-ins available: Dedicated (Online) and Standby (In-person).
Dedicated Drop-Ins (Online): If the class you would like to drop into has dedicated drop-in spots*, you may sign up in advance through your online member portal for a guaranteed spot – sign-ups for dedicated spots open 48 hours prior to each class and close 30 minutes prior to each class.
  • Signing Up: Sign up online by logging in to your TCSP account, clicking “Register for Drop-Ins” in the left menu bar, then selecting “Today.” Registration for dedicated drop-in spots is online only, phone requests will not be accepted. Players interested in signing up for dedicated drop-in spots with less than 30 minutes before the class should call the Front Desk to check availability.
  • Checking In: Dedicated Drop-Ins should check in with the instructor at the start of their class. The instructor will have an updated roster that reflects any Dedicated Drop-Ins that day.
  • Billing: Online registration for dedicated drop-in spots is final. No refunds or credits are awarded for withdrawals or no-shows.
Standby Drop-Ins (In-person): Players who do not register online for a drop-in spot may still be able to drop in on a standby basis.**
  • Signing Up: To drop in on a standby basis, check in at the Front Desk in-person. Registration for standby spots is in-person only; phone requests will not be accepted.
*The number of dedicated drop-in spots for each class is subject to change from session to session based on enrollment levels. Check the Drop-In Class List frequently for the most updated information.
**TCSP does not guarantee space for any Standby Drop-In. If a class is overcapacity due to the late arrival of an enrolled player (including players who signed up online for a dedicated drop-in spot), TCSP reserves the right to ask Standby Drop-Ins to vacate the court in reverse order of Drop-In Position and credit their fees. Enrolled players are advised to call the Front Desk if they anticipate late arrival in order to avoid overcapacity.

Live Ball Etiquette

  1. Players will treat one another with respect & kindness on and off the court.
  2. Players will encourage and be positive towards other players.
  3. Players will participate in drills with control and with player safety top of mind.
  4. Players will participate in Live Ball from start to finish including warm-ups and ball pick-ups.
  5. Players will respect the coaches and follow their instructions.
  6. Players will play within the rules of the game or drill as set forth by the coach(es).
  7. Players will not coach or instruct other players while participating in drills.
  8. Players will be considerate when calling lines and not try to win at all costs.
  9. Players will track score accurately on their respective court’s game supporting the coaches in maintaining accuracy.
  10. Players will rotate in and out of drills expediently to maintain the flow of the drills.
  11. Players will use best efforts when participating at all times to help everyone on the court improve their tennis.
  12. Players will not tank points or appear to not take point play and cooperative play seriously.

Court Reservations

Payment Policy: The member host is responsible for payment of the entire court fee. It is the host’s responsibility to split the fee among multiple party members at the Front Desk before their court time if they wish to split the fee. If TCSP is unable to obtain payment from any party member, the host will be responsible for that member’s share of the fee.

Court Time Cancellation Policy: Members canceling court reservations (Ball Machine Hitting Lane included) within 48 hours prior to the court time will be charged the full singles court fee. Note that moving your reservation to a different time is considered a cancellation.
Ball Machines: Ball Machines are available for an additional $15 fee per court time. When using the Ball Machine, members are expected to have picked up all balls, wheeled the Ball Machine and Ball Mower back to their storage spaces, and swept surplus ball fuzz off of the court by the end of the court time. We recommend allocating 6-7 minutes at the end of your court time for cleanup. For first time users, please see the Front Desk for assistance. Ball Machines cannot be reserved online. To check availability and to reserve, call the Front Desk at (206) 522-5008. Use of personal ball machines is prohibited.
# of Players: Court reservations are permitted to have a maximum of four (4) unique players using the court within the reservation period. USTA league warm-up courts may be reserved as “Doubles” court reservations and are permitted to have a maximum of six (6) unique players using the court within the reservation period. Warm-up courts must be for home matches, specifically be declared as such by the host to TCSP staff prior to the court time beginning, and must begin no earlier than three (3) hours prior to the match start.
Ball Hopper Policy: No outside ball hoppers are allowed. TCSP no longer rents hoppers to individuals.
Music: Please be aware that classes such as Cardio Tennis, Ball Machine Clinics, Live Ball Clinics, Juniors Programs, and more, may play music to provide a unique experience. Pending availability, you may make a request for a court away from a clinic that will use music by checking in at the Front Desk before your court time, or by calling the Front Desk at time of booking.
Ball Machine Hitting Lane: The Ball Machine Hitting Lane (BML) is available in 30 or 60 minute increments. When using the BML, members are expected to have picked up all balls and leave area clean by the end of the court time. A maximum of 2 people at a time are allowing in the area. If there are more than 2 people rotating out is required.
Coaching: Private lessons and drilling by coaches other than TCSP Tennis Pros is prohibited.
Adult Supervision: Juniors under the age of 12 may make reservations but must be accompanied by an adult on court.

Court Reservations
  • Only one member host name is required to book a court rental.
  • The member host must be a player on the court.
  • The host name may be changed up to 48 hours prior to the court reservation. Host name changes will be recorded in the member’s account.
  • Within 48 hours of court reservation: host name cannot be changed; court fee will not be refunded. Non-host player names may still be altered. 

Guest Policy & Fees

  • TCSP members may bring their friends and family to court reservations and select special events. Guest fees apply.
  • All guests and the member host must check-in at the Front Desk prior to their court reservation or event. 
  • Members who fail to check-in with their guests will automatically be charged guest fees.
  • Guests must be accompanied by their member host while on court or attending an event; a maximum of 3 guests are allowed per court. (Does not apply to USTA/CUP warm-up courts.)  
  • Guests cannot book a court reservation—only TCSP members may book court reservations. (Does not apply to USTA/CUP warm-up courts.)
  • Guests must be hosted by a TCSP member for all special events. The member host can email for guest RSVP’s.
  • Guest fees are charged to the host member’s account; no payment for guest fees is accepted at the Front Desk. (Does not apply to USTA/CUP warm-up courts.)
  • Court Rental Guest Fee: $15/guest + court fee.
  • Special Events Guest Fee: $15/guest + event fee.
  • Guests may not join normal adult or JR programs including (but not limited to): tennis clinics, intensives, cardio tennis, ball machine clinics, live balls, rating evaluations, seasonal camps, and regularly occurring events (i.e., Sets In The City).
  • Guests may not join private and semi-group lessons.
  • TCSP may allow guests to participate in programming at its discretion.

USTA/CUP Warm-Up Courts

  • TCSP Home teams may book a standard warm-up court through their member portal.
  • Reservations are not available for non-member away team warm-up courts. Visiting away teams should call the Front Desk for same-day availability.
  • Non-member away team warm-up courts must be scheduled directly before their match start time.
  • Non-member away Team Court Fee: $84/team (75min warm-up court; includes standard $64 court fee + $20 guest team fee).
  • The visiting away team must check-in with the Front Desk prior to their warm-up court.
  • Warm-up courts are limited to 6 players on court at a time (teammates must be off court then rotate in).
  • Courtesy warm-up courts:
    • Allowed only if there is an open court available prior to the match’s start time.
    • Limited to 15 minutes prior to the match’s start time.
    • Limited to 6 players on court at a time (additional teammates must be off court then rotate in).
    • TCSP home teams have priority for courtesy warm up courts on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • Reservations for courtesy warm-up courts are not available for TCSP home teams or visiting away teams.

Billing & Facility

Membership Auto-Renewal: TCSP memberships renew automatically each year. When an account’s membership fee is due, that account will automatically be charged the appropriate fee for an additional year from the date of renewal at TCSP. Members electing not to renew have up to 30 days after their membership auto-renews to cancel and receive a refund.

Refund Policy:
  • TCSP will refund members in the form of an account credit only.
  • Account credits are non-transferable are not redeemable for cash.
  • Account credits will expire two (2) years after date of issuance, and will only apply to tennis-related activities, i.e. programs, lessons, clinics, court and ball machine rentals, USTA/Cup team activity, and membership fees.
  • Account credits can be used to purchase TCSP gift certificates.
  • Prices for services are subject to change without notice.
  • Credit from classes and programs cannot be applied towards Pro Shop or Cafe purchases.
  • TCSP does not issue cash refunds or returns to credit cards.
  • TCSP will only provide a full monetary refund in the instance a program is canceled due to low enrollment prior to a session starting or on a prorated basis if canceled after a session has started.
Unaccompanied Minors: Children 12 years and younger are not permitted to be unaccompanied by a parent or guardian other than during a registered program, class, or lesson.
House Account Policy: TCSP processes payments for each member account by charging the payment card associated with that account for the entire balance on the account every Monday morning via an electronic funds transfer (EFT). TCSP members agree to authorize TCSP to conduct EFTs for services rendered. If an account does not have a card associated with it or the card on file is declined, that member will have 7 days after the first failed transaction to remit payment for all outstanding charges. Accounts with outstanding balances older than 7 days will have their memberships suspended until their billing information has been updated, and they will be unable to enroll in classes and private lessons, reserve court times, or play in USTA leagues. Once we have received payment, all suspended services will be reactivated. Please call the Front Desk after remitting payment to ensure that your membership is reactivated.
Unaccompanied Minors: Children 12 years and younger are not permitted to be unaccompanied by a parent or guardian other than during a registered program, class, or lesson.
Inclement Weather Policy:

TCSP’s Inclement Weather Policy regarding winter conditions is as follows:

  1. TCSP will operate per normal operating hours and schedules even in event of snow, ice, or other stormy conditions.
  2. TCSP will not close based on local school closures.
  3. TCSP members are still required to cancel court reservations per the court cancellation policies if they feel they would not be able to travel safely. Given forecasts typically advise of winter conditions 3-5 days in advance, there should be adequate time to cancel if necessary.
  4. TCSP will make every effort to update the above linked page with the latest updates on our operating hours. Members are encouraged to call the club for the latest information, especially early morning classes.
  5. If conditions cause the facility to close while operating:
  • Advance court reservations will be notified via email and/or phone and will not be charged for that day’s court reservation if unused.
  • Canceled programs will be credited to each player’s account for that day.
  • If the facility still has power, TCSP will wait for players to complete in-progress court times and programs and then close for the remainder of the day. Should you choose to leave a lesson or court early, no credit will be issued.
  • In the event of a power outage, players will not be permitted to continue to play.
  • If programs and court reservations are less than halfway completed, a credit equal to 50% of the fee will be issued.
  • If programs and court reservations are more than halfway completed, no credit will be issued.
Alcohol: Teams and individuals are prohibited from bringing any type of alcohol into the facility. Alcohol and other beverages are available for purchase at Center Court Cafe. Alcohol purchased from the Cafe can only be consumed upstairs in the Main Building and cannot be taken downstairs, outside, or to the North Building.
Recording Notice: By entering Tennis Center Sand Point, visitors consent to be recorded with video. All visitors release Tennis Center Sand Point, its successors, assigns, and licensees, from any and all liability on account of such usage and waive all rights they may have to any claims for payment or royalties in connection with exhibition, broadcast, or other display of these materials. If you do not wish to be subject to the foregoing, please do not enter Tennis Center Sand Point.