Member Spotlight

Ray Dalton During his teenage years, TCSP member Ray Dalton found himself glued to the TV and captivated – watching Pete Sampras and Serena Williams compete! Seeing them play ignited a passion for tennis that keeps the sport on Ray’s “must-do” list every week. As it turns out, Ray is also filled with a passion…


Pro Shop Specials

November Specials: Welcome new staff member to the stringing team: Bobby Amberson Please take the time to say “Hello” and welcome our newest staff member!  Bobby comes to us from Hilton Head, SC, Van Der Meer Tennis Academy.  After 7 years working at the Pro Shop at Van Der Meer Tennis Academy, Bobby relocated to…


Peak Sports & Spine Physical Therapy

Women’s Health & The Pelvic Floor  Common Health Issues Across a Woman’s Life As women progress through life they face a variety of physical challenges. These may be due to pregnancy, post-partum, hormonal changes or gynecological diagnoses. Examples include incontinence, pelvic pain, pain with intercourse, sacroiliac dysfunction, prolapse, and hypermobility. In this lecture, Molly will…


E-Newsletter – July-August 2019

Start building your UTR rating by attending one or more of the following “sets”. No rating? No problem! Sign up and attend one of the SETS below and build your rating. Registration opens up each Monday at 6am for that week’s events on Thursday, Saturday, & Sunday. Registration will close 24 hours before the start time to allow for draw creation. Sessions are $15 Doubles/$20 Singles(includes refreshments).


Member Spotlight: Saskia Houwing

If you have had the pleasure of meeting Saskia Houwing, you will agree that this tall blonde from the Netherlands is a fantastic force of positive energy both on and off the court! Saskia brings and finds great joy and effort anywhere she goes. Her positivity manifests itself in whatever she does – whether that…


E-Newsletter – May-June, 2019

This is what everyone trains for all year so make sure to register for your division before draws fill up. Draws will be filled at 32 players & 16 teams max.

All winners will be put on the champions list at TCSP. Prizes, food and drink for all participants.

Levels are based on your TCSP Rating only. Draws will be posted one week before the start of each tournament weekend.