Anthony DiLorenzo has accomplished so much in his musical career. Now he takes on his next big challenge in life: Tennis!

TCSP shines the Members’ Spotlight on Anthony DiLorenzo, an Emmy Award winning composer, trumpet soloist, and Grammy nominated recording artist. Anthony has performed around the world, and his music has been featured in films, television, and on concert stages. Early in his career, he wrote film trailers for companies like Disney and Paramount, composed music for ABC Sports, and a few feature films. Today, his work includes symphonic compositions, chamber music, and concertos for some of the most virtuosic musicians around the world. 

What has been your favorite experience in your career? 

One of my most memorable career experiences was securing my first film trailer project. I remember nervously introducing myself to the president of a company where I was recording trumpet for the film Gettysburg. I shared a piece I had composed for a summer festival orchestra, and to my delight, he offered me a job on the spot to write the commercial music for Hocus Pocus! It was an incredible moment! The challenge was completing the project within 24 hours, which required learning to use computers and synthesizers to create the orchestral music and preparing the parts for an 80-piece orchestra. It was a whirlwind experience, but that moment marked a significant milestone in my career. 

Why did you decided to make tennis part of your life? 

I started just two years ago taking lessons at TCSP and I’ve always enjoyed competition, but traditional gym workouts never suited me. I wanted something engaging and social, and tennis fit the bill perfectly. I love the interaction doubles provides with different partners and the variety of skill levels. Now, I find it hard to get enough of the game, often joking that work interrupts my playtime, haha!

What are your personal goals for your tennis game?

I have many goals for my tennis game. Ultimately, I want to reach a level where I can play confidently with anyone across the US—though maybe not with the likes of Djokovic or Alcaraz just yet!

You can read more about Anthony’s accomplishments on his website: