Club Membership

Annual membership is required for most TCSP services. Membership enables you to reserve courts, sign up for group classes, take private lessons, and join a team.

Court Rentals

TCSP provides ten championship tennis courts available to reserve. Members can reserve a court through their online account, mobile app, in-person, or by phone.

Performance Team

Connect, Goal-set, Learn, Train, Compete, and Thrive! 80 hand selected juniors come together to form a team of lifelong tennis lovers and masters of the game.

Adult Tennis Classes

TCSP offers tennis classes for adult players of all skill levels. In addition to providing key fundamentals for your strokes and serves, TCSP strives to make your experience fun, educational, and rewarding.

Junior Tennis Classes

TCSP offers a complete junior tennis program for children between the ages of 3-18. From the very beginner to the most advanced tournament player, the TCSP junior program covers the entire spectrum.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are a great way to supplement your tennis education. Spending time with a professional allows you to receive quality, in-depth, and personal instruction for the areas of your game that need the most attention.