TCSP’s Neurodiverse Tennis Program was developed to provide a safe and positive commu-nity for neurodivergent (ND) individuals seeking to grow, develop and benefit social con-nections and fitness. Tennis provides a sport free from the anxieties, sensory overloads, and communication pressures that team sports can sometimes place on ND individuals. Tennis allows ND individuals to participate in a sport that meets each player where they are and can tailor lessons based on each individual’s motor skill and communication abili-ties, and emotional regulation.

Program Overview:

The program will use 1-2 person learning pods. Players will develop motor skills to help move and navigate on a tennis court with agility, balance, and coordination. Other motor skills will be: She utilizes patience, compassion, and evidence-based tools when working with ND players.

  • Projecting and Tracking Ball Trajectories
  • Movement to Receive in Various Scenarios
  • Sending and Receiving Cooperatively
  • Increasing Racquet Skills & Body Strength & Awareness
  • Feeding and Serving to Play Games

Who Is Eligible for the Program

  • Individuals with ASD and any other developmental or sensory challenges.
  • Juniors between the ages of 5 to 17 years.
  • Adults between the ages of 18 to 50 years.

Who Is Leading the Program

 TCSP tennis coach, Kali McCollister, is the lead coach and program manager for the Neuro-diverse Tennis Program. Kali is also a University of Washington clinical social work candi-date and former children’s Mental Health Specialist. Kali has significant experience working with neurodivergent youth and those with a variety of mental health care needs. She utiliz-es patience, compassion, and evidence-based tools when working with ND players. 

Program Schedule

  • Late Spring Session:
    Mondays thru Fridays 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • Summer Session:
    Monday thru Fridays 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM
  • Late Fall Session:

Program Costs

  • 1-on-1 instruction = $100.00 per hour per player
  • 2-on-1 instruction = $57.50 per hour per player
  • For financial assistance, please contact TCSP via email.