Tennis Center Sand Point is your number one indoor tennis and fitness facility in Seattle, WA. Annual membership* is required for most TCSP services. Membership enables you to reserve courts, sign up for group classes, take private lessons, and join a team. See below for more information on becoming a member, how to find your NTRP rating, and register for classes.

1. Become a Member

Annual membership* is required for most TCSP services. Additional fees apply. Members pay only for the specific benefits they choose to use. For membership pricing and benefits, please see the table below.

Junior Standard

$100per year
$100per year

Adult Standard

$180per year
$180per year

Senior Standard

$120per year
$120per year
*TCSP memberships renew automatically each year. When your membership is due for renewal, an automated email will be sent to your email address on file to notify you about your upcoming membership renewal. On your renewal date, your account will automatically be charged the appropriate membership fee for another year at TCSP. If you choose not to renew your membership, you have up to 30 days after your membership auto renews to cancel and receive a refund. Please email our Membership Coordinator Monica Blum at with any questions.

2. Find Your NTRP Rating

TCSP uses the National Tennis Rating Program to help players find the appropriate class and program that best fits their level of play. Beginner players do not need to complete this step. You are able to sign up for Tennis 101 or Junior 1.0 classes without a rating.
If you have tennis experience, you will need to be assigned a rating with TCSP. If you play USTA Adult Leagues and have a verifiable rating on the USTA’s TennisLink website, call the front desk at (206) 522 – 5008, and we will enter your rating in the account system. Please note that even if you have a rating from a different club, we cannot use that information, as different clubs have different criteria for each level.
You do not need a rating if you only want to reserve court times or take private lessons.

3. Login to Online Account

Log in to your online account, where you can reserve courts, register for classes, and manage your member account.

4. Register for Classes

To register for classes in the upcoming session, please refer to the Season Schedule (below) to note when the registration period will take place. Make sure you have a rating assigned to your account prior to registration (See Step 2).
Registration takes place over the course of 4 days, and begins at 6:00 AM each day. Registrations can be done through your online account or in-person only. No phone registrations are accepted during the registration period. Please note that due to the limited availability of class space and increased participation in online registrations, we are unable to guarantee placement in desired class(es) for in-person registrations.
If you’ve never used your online account to register for classes, click here for a step-by-step guide on how to navigate through the online registration process. We also have an FAQs page with answers to common questions regarding Registration.
Please note that due to our registration software’s processing and security standards, most versions of Internet Explorer are not compatible with our software.

2022 - 2023 Season Schedule

TCSP classes run in 8-week sessions. Below is the registration and session schedule for the 2021-2022 season. Registration opens at 6:00am on each day listed below.
Adult Workouts &
Ball Machine Clinics
Adult Tennis Clinics
Juniors 3 - 10 yrs
Juniors 11 - 18 yrs
Session Start & End Dates
Early Fall 2023July 31 (6:00 AM)July 31 (6:30 AM)Aug 7 (6:00 AM)Aug 7 (6:30 AM)Sept 5 - Oct 22
Late Fall 2023Oct 2 (6:00 AM)Oct 2 (6:30 AM)Oct 9 (6:00 AM)Oct 9 (6:30 AM)Oct 23 - Dec 17
Winter 2024Nov 20 (6:00 AM)Nov 20 (6:30 AM)Nov 27 (6:00 AM)Nov 27 (6:30 AM)Jan 2 - Feb 25
Early Spring 2024Jan 29 (6:00 AM)Jan 29 (6:30 AM)Feb 5 (6:00 AM)Feb 5 (6:30 AM)Feb 26 - Apr 21
Late Spring 2024Mar 25 (6:00 AM)Mar 25 (6:30 AM)Apr 1 (6:00 AM)Apr 1 (6:30 AM)April 22 - June 16
Summer 2024May 20 (6:00 AM)May 20 (6:30 AM)OPENOPENJune 17 - Sept 1st