Adult Tennis Program

Adult tennis programs at Blue Ridge offer something for everyone. From the complete beginner to the seasoned intermediate and competitive player, there’s a clinic to cover everyone.

Adult tennis programs are set to start May 2023 season. Programs will be Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays for adults from May until August. September will then be reduced to 1-2 days with that schedule pending player availability and demand.


DayTimeClass LevelLengthSessionBlue Ridge +Standard
Monday5:45 PMBeginner1.0-2.575 mins4 weeks$85.00$130.00
Monday7:00 PMIntermediate2.5-3.575 mins4 weeks$85.00$130.00
Wednesday5:45 PMIntermediate2.5-3.575 mins4 weeks$85.00$130.00
Wednesday7:00 PMServe & Return2.5-3.575 mins4 weeks$85.00$130.00
Saturday8:30 AMLive Ball2.5-4.090 minsPer Workout$25.00$30.00
Saturday10:00 AMIntermediate2.5-3.575 mins4 weeks$85.00$130.00
  • Beginner = Everyone is welcome to Tennis 101 or Adult Beginner clinics! This is an introduction to tennis for anyone just picking up a racket or has been away from the game for over 20+ years and needs a refresher. These clinics covers the basics on grips, forehand, backhand, volley, serves and scoring. Everything you need to get yourself up to speed and playing with friends and family. Tennis 101 is designed to get new players to a 2.0 level after 1 or 2 sessions. (1.0-2.0)
  • Serve & Return = Serve & Return Clinics focus on the two most important shots in Tennis!! Work with our coaching staff to dial in the fundamentals of the service motion, better understand the kinetic chain from the ground through the contact point, improve your toss mechanics, and work on placing your serve intentionally.

    The clinic will also help players learn to return against various speeds and spins as well as place location of returns helping set up points from both a doubles and singles perspective. This clinic is open to all players rated 2.5 thru 3.5. If you are a 4.0 and need help, sign up too!!

  • Intermediate = Intermediate-level clinics are for players rated between 2.5 and 3.5. Players at this level should be able to rally 6-10 balls with medium pace & directional control on both FH & BH with a peer. Intermediate clinics focus on serve & return, groundstroke technique, footwork, and transitional concepts. Players will need to be comfortable volleying and playing at the net. Players will engage in peer-to-peer cooperative and competitive drills. (2.5-3.5)


  • Live Ball = Live Ball is the ultimate tennis clinic that puts all of your tennis skills to the test! Players show up ready to squeeze out every ounce of tennis they have and leave it all on the courts! Live Ball is a rating-restricted clinic and players can expect to play a lot of situational point play under the direction of a coach. Players should have the ability to rally 4-6 balls with directional control to be effective in pressure situations. Players must also have the ability to defend the forward position at net and volley offensively when opportunities present themselves at net. (3.0-4.0+)

Shot of the Week & Live Ball clinics are drop-in only.

Members will be able to register 2 weeks in advance online.

Nonmembers may register 48 hours in advance online.


Session 1May5/1 - 5/27
Session 2June6/5 - 7/1
Session 3July7/10 - 8/5
Session 4August8/7 - 9/2
Session 5September9/9 - 9/30

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available on a limited basis to only BRST community members. Please use the following link to place your name on a waiting list for lessons that will start later this Spring. If you are not a BRST community member, you may not place your name on this. Names will be cross-referenced with the management’s roster.

Junior Tennis Program

Junior Camps are offered for kids 4-17 years old and for levels from beginners to intermediate levels. Camps are four days a week and pack a ton of fun instruction and games for all players.

Junior tennis programs will start June 21 based on the Seattle Public School calendar.

  • Pee Wees = 3-5 year old beginners (parent or guardian required on court)
  • Red Ball = 6-8 year old beginners using red felt tennis balls
  • Orange Ball = 9-10 year old beginner to intermediate players
  • Yellow Ball  = 11-17 year old beginner to intermediate players
  • BR Team = 11+ years of age; intermediate+ players that will compete against other summer club programs.


DayTimeAgeClassLevelTime (mins)Blue Ridge ResidentNon Blue Ridge
M/Tu/Th9:45-10:304-5Pee Wee
Session 1/3/5/7/9
M-Th10:30-11:306-8Red Ball Beg/Int60$70.00$84.00
M-Th11:30-12:309-10Orange BallBeg/Int60$70.00$84.00
M-Th12:30-1:4511-15Yellow BallBeg/Int75$87.50$105.00
M-Th1:45-3:0011-16TEAM II/JV
Session 1-7 Only
INT +75$350.00
(7 weeks)
(7 weeks)
M/T & Th
Match Play on W
3:00-4:1511-17TEAM I/Varsity
Session 1-7 Only
INT +75$350.00
(7 weeks)
(7 weeks)

Junior Program Schedules

Registration Information

Blue Ridge Club uses Club Automation to manage its tennis program. Club Automation is an online, cloud-based system that allows members to register for kids’ tennis camps, adult programs, social events and reserve tennis courts.

Registration Instructions

BR residents and Non-BR residents can create their own account in the system on the instruction page:

  1. Visit the new landing page at
  2. Under the banner “First Time Here?” click on the “Access My Account” button.
  3. You’ll receive a pop-up window to “Create an Account”. Please enter your name and email and
    click NEXT
  4. You will be directed to a registration page; please confirm and fill out the necessary fields.

Information Available

  • Once you have completed your initial login, feel free to browse through the site. You’ll see options such as:
  • View My Info
  • Reserve a Court – you can view the tennis court sheets
  • Register for Classes – register for camps and clinics here
  • View My Statement


  • If you are a Blue Ridge community member, please contact the Tennis Coordinator, Monica Blum, to ensure your status is updated in the system to receive the BR member pricing for tennis programs.
  • Summer Programs will open online in the system on Friday, April 1st @ 8:00 AM for community member registration.
  • Nonmembers will be able to register for program on Tuesday, April 25th @ 900 AM


  • The BR Club Automation system will facilitate all camp/clinic transactions as well as private lesson billings.
  • If you plan to participate in any drop-in clinic or private lessons, we require you put a credit card on file on your profile. This way, there will be no need to conduct any transactions on
    the court with instructors.
  • If you are having any trouble accessing your account, please email the Tennis Coordinator to request password resets or if you have other account questions.

Court Bookings Rules

The tennis courts are available for use by Community members and their escorted guests.


  • Tennis shoes and appropriate dress are required on tennis courts at all times. No hard-soled or black-soled shoes are permitted on the playing surface.
  • Due to high demand,  BR members must book courts online through their online member account in advance.
  • No deuce scoring or consecutive sets are allowed if other players are waiting to play.
  • Glass containers are prohibited on the tennis courts at all times. Please dispose of tennis cans and lids in trash containers.
  • No profanity or loud language on tennis courts. Players must avoid damage to nets, fences, and playing surfaces.
  • Tennis courts are for playing tennis only. No pets are allowed, neither are bikes, skateboards, roller skates, or other such devices.


  1. Register yourself/family thru the Blue Ridge Club Automation management system:
  2. Once registered you will notice an icon on the left side that says RESERVE A COURT. If that icon is not available you will need to contact Monica Blum via email.
  3. Click on the calendar on the top right to select your date, time, court and click SAVE RESERVATION.
  4. Please list all family members and other BR members in your reservation that you will play with for transparency of who is on the courts at all times and in case there is a need to contact trace during the covid pandemic.
  5. Please be respectful to other neighbors and only book a court a week in advance and cancel if you are unable to use it.
  6. Members are always welcome to use a vacant court; however priority will be given to those who reserve a court online during that same time period.

Policies and Procedures

Blue Ridge tennis is managed and coached by the professional staff at Tennis Center Sand Point (TCSP) via Tennis Management Services, LLC.


  • The BR Club Automation system will facilitate all camp/clinic transactions as well as private lesson billings.
  • If you plan to participate in any drop-in clinic or private lessons a credit card on file is encouraged, however, we can accept on-site payments.
  • If you are having any trouble accessing your account, please email the Tennis Coordinator to request password resets or if you have other account questions.



  • 100% refund if withdrawn 14+ days prior to the camp start date
  • 50% refund if withdrawn 7-13 days prior to camp start date
  • 0% refund if withdrawn 0-6 days prior to camp start date



  • There are no make-ups for sick days during the week of a scheduled tennis camp.
  • Injuries will be allowed a credit for remaining tennis camp for the missed days/weeks of a tennis camp or program with approval from the tennis pro and a doctor’s note.
  • If TMG must cancel due to a health-related reason or government mandate, all fees will be refunded 100% or pro-rata.


  • It will be at the discretion of the tennis pro to decide if the courts are too wet for play.
  • Programs and lessons will be canceled if air quality index exceeds 100.
  • It will be at the discretion of the tennis pro if air quality index is between 50-100.
  • Cancellation days will be announced by email at least one hour in advance of the class starting time if possible.
  • In the event that weather or air quality occurs more than once in a particular week, your account will be credited for the days missed due to rain beyond one day.



  • If a player is injured on the tennis court a First Aid kit will be available in the tennis shed and ice is available at the Blue Ridge Club House.
  • The tennis pro will follow up with the injured players parent at the time of pickup.
  • If the injury is more severe the tennis pro will contact the players’ parents if they are not on site to discuss seeking additional medical attention.
  • Any head injuries will typically result in a 911 call if either a concussion is suspected or bleeding is occurring.