TCSP Adverse Weather Conditions


In the event of winter conditions, please refer to this page for updates on operating hours, program clinics, lessons and League match play updates.

Facility Information for Monday, February 6th, 2017

TCSP is open per normal operating hours = 5:45 am – 11:15 pm

The following roads are open:

  • Sand Point Way NE
  • NE 70th Street, not plowed & pending SDOT review
  • NE 65th Street, plowed

The following roads are closed:

  • N/A

Inclement Weather Policy

TCSP’s Inclement Weather Policy regarding winter conditions is as follows:

  1. TCSP will operate per normal operating hours and schedules even in the event of snow or icy conditions.
  2. TCSP will not close based on local school closures.
  3. TCSP Members are still required to cancel their court reservations per the court cancellation policies if they feel they would not be able to travel safely. Given snow forecasts typically advise of winter conditions 3-5 days in advance, there should be adequate time to cancel if necessary.
  4. TCSP encourages members to call the club for the latest information, especially early morning classes.
  5. If conditions cause the facility to close while operating:
    • Then advance court reservations will be notified via email and not be charged for that day’s court reservation if not used.
    • Then canceled clinics will be credited to each player’s account for that day.
    • And you are in the middle of a lesson or court reservation, then TCSP will wait for you to complete your court or clinic and then close for the remainder of the day. Should you choose to leave a lesson or court early, no credit will be issued.