Hey Tennis players, another great day here at Tennis Center Sand Point, I’m Nick Ketcham with your Tennis tip of the week:

Today we’re going to be going over of closing on volleys, a lot of us tend to stand in one place and watch the volleys, but we need to get closer in to the net, to give ourselves a better chance to win that point. Alright so first let’s talk about the grip and our ready position, so we need to make sure we have a continental grip, Alright, both hands on the raquet, and we always want to maintain our power position which is a 90 degree angle between your forearm and the grip.

Make sure you have your racquet in arms comfortably extended so it creates more of a diamond shape, I see a lot of people stand really close and they create that triangle. You want to be extended so you can hit that ball out front. Our first reaction should always be out on the front. So this is what I see a lot of people do, they hit their first volley, then they stay in the same place and then get a lot of trouble for that second one. So you should always follow your volleys in, hit that first one, split step, second one, so you open up your angles and then take away angles from your opponent, that’s going to give you a lot better change to win the point and be a lot more successful than them.


You want to make sure to have that 90 degree angle, that power position between our grip and our forearm, always trying our best to keep that racquet head above the hand. And after each ball we hit, making sure you’re going in closing, split stepping to open up our angles and take away from our opponent to give us the best chance to win that point. That is your Tennis Tip of the week. I’m Nick Ketcham, we’ll see you next time.