Watch TRX Trainer Mindy Pedersen go over an exercise to improve your forehand.

TRX Benefits for Tennis Players:
– Build rotational strength for a powerful swing
– Increase flexibility and mobility
– Prevent injury to keep you on the court and playing strong
– Develop core stability, the foundation of effortless endurance and skill


Video Transcript:

Hi this is Mindy Peterson, talking the benefits of TRX training for your tennis game. A few tennis specific moves, that we can use the TRX for, is helping us build our forehand.

We take a lounge, side facing to our TRX strap while the strap is in single handle mode, we have our palm facing down, tension into the strap so that the strap is nice and thigh, that already engages the front of my core, as I come down I’m going to do a nice deep lounge loading with my leg, that hand comes out here just like you’re going to track that ball with your forehand, I’m going to drive my arm up and across, and then transfer my weight from the front foot to the back foot, adding a little sense of balance to this exercise, so I come down I track, I come up and across, also working on that hip rotation and power as I drive up and across my ball, on that forehand.