Watch Tennis Pro Kyle Schraeder teach the Volley for this weeks Tennis Center Sand Point ‘Tip of the Week.’

Video transcript:

Hi this is Kyle form TCSP,

Today’s tip of the week will be the Volley. Few of the basic tips for the volleys, are to keep your wrist firm, while your hand is still loose, so that it allows a lot of time for the ball to recreate back spin on the strings, also timing your split step for good balance, make sure you got good posture, hands stay out in the front, in a second I’ll show you a few for a demo.

Make sure your hands are out in the front, for good control of the ball, and you are really just watching the ball meet the strings every time, you want your body to be able to move to the shot, not your hands to move to the ball.

And that’s your tip of the week. Thank you.