The 2022 Club Championship Tournament is now open for registration!

This is your chance to earn your name on the prestigious tournament plaques and go down in history as a Champion! Don’t miss your opportunity to participate. Play one or both weekends and have a blast!

Mixed Doubles & Singles

July 22 – 24

Men’s & Women’s Doubles

July 29 – July 31

Registration open May 18

Adult Divisions are rating restricted from 2.5 up through 4.5+

Arriving for Check-In

    • Players are asked to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to their scheduled match time to check in at the tournament desk (located on upper cafe deck).
    • There will be NO warm-up courts for players to use (for fairness).
    • Players can do dynamic stretching and warm-ups out in the parking lot. Please do not use the upper cafe deck area for warmups.

Scoring Format 

    • All matches will be 2 out of 3 sets playing a 10-point tiebreaker in lieu of a 3rd full set.
    • A standard 7-point tiebreaker will be played if any of the first 2 sets become tied at 6-6.
    • All games will be No-Ad scoring meaning the deuce point will be game point for whoever wins.
      • Returners will have the option of choosing the side to play the No-Ad point on.
      • Mixed Doubles should serve gender-to-gender on No-Ad points.

Play Details

    • Players will only be allowed a 7-minute warm-up.
    • Tournament monitors may require play to start immediately if any court is taking too long to get started.
    • Players will stay on each side of the court for the full set.
    • Players will change ends only at the start of each new set including the 3rd set 10-point breaker.
    • Curtains must be left open so as not to interfere with play similar to USTA rules.
      • Players must respectfully wait for a neighboring court to finish its point before retrieving a ball or requesting a ball be returned.
    • A server “in motion” should be granted a 1st serve if interrupted by an adjacent court.

First-Round Byes

    • All players that receive a 1st round BYE will not be guaranteed a 2nd match.
    • TCSP reserves the right to place players (pending availability) into consolation rounds as court times allow and/or as the flow of the back draws work out.

Round Robin Rules

    • Players in smaller round robin brackets will play out each round as scheduled.
    • A winner for a round robin will be selected based on record.
    • In the event of a tie (same record), the winner will be selected based on least # of games lost.

Cancellations or Defaults

    • If a player cannot make his/her scheduled match, he/she will be defaulted and the opponent will advance to the next round.
    • There will be no reschedules unless both players agree and it does not interfere with future scheduled matches in any draw.

Code Of Conduct

    • Players are expected to play with respect and the utmost sportsmanship at all times.
    • Players must call the score out loud and at EVERY point.
    • Players must use the scoring towers to track set scores and adjust the score at every changeover.
    • TCSP asks all players to use their best judgement when calling lines.
    • If any court finds itself in a dispute, a player may come to the tournament desk and ask for a mediator.
      • A mediator will make the final call based on the facts or testimonies of the players.
      • A mediator will also stay on the court for a brief period to ensure no further issues arise between players.
    • TCSP reserves the right to remove any player from the tournament if violating the Code of Conduct as well as violating any TCSP policies per membership agreement.

Spectating at the Cafe

    • Anyone wishing to watch a match must be a patron of the cafe in order to secure a table and/or bar space.
    • Please contact Willy Marin to reserve a particular time you wish to be at the cafe.
    • Minimum food/beverage order is $10.00 in order to secure a place.

Photos & Media

    • Club Championships will be broadcast live via TCSP’s PlaySight account. PlaySight details and policies can be found here.
    • If any player does not want his/her image or photo to be used, please contact Lori Conroy at to “opt-out” of this usage.
    • TCSP will be taking photos of players and reserves the right to use in social media or other forms of its marketing.



Get your UTR account before registering

All participants must also have a UTR account and have joined the TCSP Digital Club before the event registration deadline.

This extra step is necessary for participation in this year’s event, as tournament management will be done through the UTR software and will allow all tournament results to be posted and viewable online as soon as they are reported. There is no additional cost.

Registration Deadlines

Mixed Doubles & Singles – Friday 7/15
Men’s & Women’s Doubles – Friday 7/22

Tournament Draws

Having issues seeing the draws? Please log into you UTR account and click on the event that you are going to be participating in.

    • TCSP reserves the right to reduce draw sizes or tournament format based on registration activity.
    • TCSP may combine draws if there are insufficient players enrolled. 4 player minimum for a division. 
    • If entered into more than two, TCSP will remove members from excess registrations based on rating.
    • A request to withdraw must be submitted 7 days prior to the event’s weekend for account credit.
    • Players may use their TCSP rating for registration.  If a player needs approval to play in a particular division, then please email for assistance.
    • Past year’s champions must play the next level up and may not reenter the same division they previously won.
    • Mixed Doubles teams must have a combined rating that does not exceed the division’s total.
    • All Doubles partners must be within a full NTRP point in ratings to participate/enter.
    • ALL players must be prepared to play all 3 days of the weekend at all times.
    • Please be considerate to your opponents and be available to play the entire weekend.