Dickson’s Tennis Services is excited about a new season here at the club.

We match all Internet and competitor’s prices on any exact same item.

The Wilson Clashes are the hottest frames in the market today!  DTS has just received the latest model, Clash 100UL.  The “UL” stands for Ultra Light.  We have a demo in 3 grip sizes for this latest model.  The Clash comes in a 98, 100, 100 Tour, 100L, & 108. And now the 100UL.

Wilson has also shipped the new V7 Blades. DTS is one of two stores in the state that have them in stock. Demos are on the rack and these are the latest and greatest according to Wilson.

Come by and say hi to the stringing crew and have your equipment analyzed. Remember, strings need to be changed at least every 3 months. Overgrips should be replaced after 2 to 5 plays. Why not be prepared when you enter the court?

Shoe Sale – You may have noticed the huge mountain of shoes in the North building. Any box with a orange sticker is priced at 35% off. These may have last season’s colors, but they are still the top performers for support and comfort on the tennis court.

A big thank you goes out to Chad, Mike, and Dean, for the outstanding customer service throughout the summer months. All three will be back for the new season. Knowing that qualified stringers using the ultimate Biardo stringing machines, assures quality service. On top of that, these guys are getting the job done in 1 to 48 hours. We really have it going on!