What Is PlaySight?

PlaySight is a global sports company harnessing the power of technology to connect athletes, coaches, leagues, facilities, and teams through video and analytics technology.

PlaySight uses its Smart sports video and analytics platform to drive innovation across all levels of sport, installing high-performance cameras to capture all sports action and using the cloud to fully utilize powerful features such as instant video, live streaming, automatic recording and analysis, full integration, content generation and more.

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How Do I Use It?

Use of PlaySight cameras at TCSP is simple:

Getting Started

  • Download the PlaySight app and create an account.
  • When your court time begins, look for the PlaySight sign hanging from the net.
  • Tap the “Scan QR” tab, then scan the QR code.
  • Tap “Start” to set your new recording.

Instant Replay

The instant replay feature is available 27 seconds after your recording begins. To use Instant Replay, your phone must be connected to “playsightwifi”. Use of Instant Replay or other footage to aid in line calls for official league matches is prohibited.

Ending Your Session

  • When finished with your court time, tap “Stop”, then “Yes” to confirm.
  • Tap “Leave court”, then “Yes” to confirm.

Viewing Your Video:

Your recording will typically be available to view through an emailed link within 20 minutes of the recording ending. It will automatically upload to your PlaySight account within 24 hours. From there, you will be able to draw, clip, change speed, share, and more.

PlaySight Policies

Video may be recorded on court using PlaySight cameras at player discretion. Recordings are administered by TCSP and PlaySight and are available to registered players for coaching and training purposes via a PlaySight account.

  • Use of PlaySight cameras is allowed only for the following activities:
    • Court Reservations
    • Private Lessons
    • League Matches*
  • Footage recorded with PlaySight cameras may only be used for educational purposes by the individual who is recording. Commercial use of recording footage is strictly prohibited.
  • Use of PlaySight cameras or footage obtained with PlaySight cameras for any of the following activities is strictly prohibited and will result in consequences outlined in TCSP’s Conduct Policy (Section VII):

– Recording of Group Clinics, Junior Clinics, or Team Practice
– Recording of any activity in which the host is not present.
-Use of Instant Replay or other footage to aid in line calls for official league matches.*
– Using footage in a disrespectful way or in a manner inconsistent with TCSP’s Conduct Policy.

A match may be recorded, or live streamed, by any player as long as all four players on court agree to the recording or feed. If one player objects then the match cannot be recorded. Recordings and live stream cannot be used to review line calls, scoring discrepancies or anything else during or after the match.


By entering Tennis Center Sand Point, visitors consent to be recorded with video. All visitors release Tennis Center Sand Point, its successors, assigns, and licensees, from any and all liability on account of such usage and waive all rights they may have to any claims for payment or royalties in connection with exhibition, broadcast, or other display of these materials. If you do not wish to be subject to the foregoing, please do not enter Tennis Center Sand Point.