Video Transcript:

Hi I’m Jake Moe,

I’ve got this week’s tip of the week. Since October 2013, I’ve been hosting the ball machines “With Jake” workout in the mornings. Since that time we hit over two million tennis balls, Incredible! and I tell the players they can improve their stroke ability by 10 to 20% just by learning their own dance steps, that’s right!, moving your feet!, the pros move their feet 11 between of each shot, college players 7 times, high school players 4 times, recreational players Zero!, we don’t move our feet, so here is your tip. (dancing) move your feet for no reason at all, think of it as dancing , if you going out dancing, you’re going to move your feet, this is your tennis dancing step.

Mine is seven steps, find out what your dance steps are and improve your game by 20%. I’m Jake Moe.