Robin and Peter McClane join the number of TCSP “married members” who find great fun and health benefits on the court. While Robin’s love of the game initially took the lead, Peter soon fell under the spell and now plays with a regular men’s group and is also building his game weekly.

With a unique passion and dedication to animals, Peter’s path began with four years at Marine World Africa, then 10 years at the Honolulu Zoo, before entering his now 29th year of commitment to animal care as the current lead animal keeper at the Woodland Park Zoo!

While Robin expertly finds new homes as a Redfin Associate Agent around the spectacular city of Seattle, Peter has been opening new exhibits and introducing large animals from around the world to their new homes at the bustling zoo! Peter described his most recent work with the rhinoceros family as “trying to work with a 2,000-pound puppy following him around and nibbling at my pockets in search of an apple!”

When not with the animals, Peter takes to the courts with his quickly developing herd of players! Peter has already earned his way for Sectionals for 55+ Mixed 6.0! Robin’s most recent tennis accolade includes being One Doubles PNW 3.5 2018 Champion, and she has earned participation in the Tri Level Invitational for PNB, USTA 3.5 40+ Nationals in 2018 and Classic Cup Champions in 2017. While playing with Robin, one has to keep their eyes open and feet ready as her hands are quick and can be deadly… to the point that is! She takes on a kind, quiet stealth-like manner but has the ability to playfully ATTACK at will! Robin’s infectious smile and tenacious desire to win makes her a fantastic partner and her tennis game phenomenal.

We are currently wishing Robin a speedy recovery as she is currently rehabbing a tender paw after a significant surgery, but we know she will be back in action this Spring and once again triumphant on the court! We will have to live with just one McClane on the courts for a few months, but we hope you will join the rest of our TCSP tennis family and greatly appreciate this Dynamic Duo gracing our courts in our own little park!