Tennis Pro Jerry Ellison gives some great pointers on the Kick Serve for this tennis tip of the week.

Video Transcript:

Hi everyone this is Jerry from TCSP and this is your tip of the week. We’re going to talk about the kick serve today.

The kick set is kind of a tough shot to learn how to hit, but when you get it down it’s very effective as a second serve and also as a change of pace for serve.

Main thing for a kick serve, we’re going to use our continental grip. now, for those of you who don’t know what a continental grip is, it’s also called a hammer grip, you can hold your racquet hammering down the front end. Also use the inside of your palm to go to the top right corner of the racquet.

Continental grip is very important for this serve,

Second important thing is to serve with a kick instead of swinging straight to the ball, we’re going to be snapping of under it and all the way through. So actually were going to be hitting the ball about 7 o’clock and continue upwards after we make contact.
Serve should look something like if we were throwing the ball up in the air, same kind of motion, so when I hit my serve, I go right out through it and that creates that spin that makes it bounce to the right. Just like that.

And that’s your tip of the week.