The High Performance program is for competitive junior players who have aspirations of playing college or even professional tennis, and have the commitment to undergo the rigors of a player development program. Over the last eight years, as an owner and director of an academy in Southern California, Brian has coached over 30 players who were top 100 in the nation.

Talent is just the beginning.

In order to be considered for the High Performance program at TCSP, players must first complete a 15-minute Hit Test with program director, Brian Park or another HP coach. After the hit test, Coach Brian will determine if you are ready for the High Performance program.

To schedule a Hit Test with Coach Brian, email the HP Coordinator at

Email High Performance Coordinator →


• Fitness Classes

• Coach PNW Tournament Travel

• Weekly Mental Training

• College Counseling (as needed)


Players are required to register for a minimum of 3 classes per week.

• All mornings classes are $50 per class -1.5 hours.

• M/W afternoon classes are $70 per class - 1.75 hours .

• T/Th/Sat afternoon classes are $80 per class - 2 hours.


• 50%/30% discount for top 10/50 national ranking

• 10% discount for sibling in the program.