The High Performance program is for competitive junior players who have aspirations of playing college or even professional tennis, and have the commitment to undergo the rigors of a player development program.

Talent is just the beginning.

In order to be considered for the High Performance Program at TCSP, players must first complete a 15-minute Hit Test with a High Performance coach. After the hit test, the coach will determine if you are ready for the High Performance Program. Full-time admission space is currently limited. Applicants may still be eligible to attend on a drop-in basis.

To schedule a Hit Test with a coach, email the HP Coordinator at

Email High Performance Coordinator →


• Fitness Classes

• Coach PNW Tournament Travel

• College Counseling (as needed)

TENNIS TUITION: Full Registration

Players will attend High Performance classes 4 days per week if they are enrolled in Performance Groups 3, 4, or 5. Players in Performance Groups 1 and 2 will attend High Performance classes 3 days per week. Each group operates on a set schedule, so there are no opportunities for makeup classes.

Schedule for High Performance Groups

• Performance Groups 3, 4, and 5 - $35 per hour of training (4 players per court maximum)

• Performance Groups 1 and 2 - $30 per hour of training (5 players per court maximum)

Discounts for full-time registration

• 50%/30% discount for top 10/50 national ranking

• 10% discount for sibling in the program.


• Afternoon class drop-ins - $90

• Morning class drop-ins - $50