High Level Training, Serious Fun!

"The journey to improvement, one ball at a time. Find your best daily!"

Daily Training includes:

(Part 1: 15-30 minutes)

  • Greetings
  • Dynamic warm-up
  • 5-minute journal entry to set intent (formatted entries)
  • Mini tennis or competitive short court point play
  • Cooperative match-like warm-up, coaches help facilitate technical feedback and help set focus for the day. Create an intense and positive environment

(Part 2: 90-120 minutes)

Three groups, three 30-40 minute rotations. One group will spend 40 minutes on fitness with fitness trainer off-court, and the other two groups will work on the following:

  • Cooperative live ball hitting drills
  • Coach fed drills
  • Technical stroke work
  • Pattern development (primary percentage patterns and secondary options)
  • Each day will a theme pertaining to different developmental block learning (serve, return, groundstrokes, volleys, overheads, transition, defense, offense, rally tolerance, footwork patterns, +1 patterns, specialty shots)

(Part 3: 75-90 minutes)

  • Live ball point play
  • Competitive up/down rotations
  • Series of different types of situations (baseline, transition, net play, and serve and return)
  • Games provide variations that help students find optimal strategies and create challenges to get them to problem to get them to problem solve
  • Similar to part, part 3 will have 1 of 3 small groups working off court on mental training

(Part 4: 30-90 minutes)

  • Singles and doubles set and match play
  • Coach fed, fast paced singles and doubles point play
  • Cool down, stretch huddle
  • 5 minute reflection, review and journal entry
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Daily Schedule

12:30-5:00PM Mon-Thu
4 players per court
8 courts
See description to left for details

Summer 2020

Week 1: Jun 21st—24th
Week 2: Jun 28th—Jul 1st
Week 3: Jul 5th—8th
Week 4: Jul 12th—15th
Week 5: Jul 19th—22nd
Week 6: Jul 26th—29th
Week 7: Aug 2nd—5th
Week 8: Aug 9th—12th
Week 9: Aug 16th–19th


Monday-Thursday Session: $540
Get 50% off your 5th week of summer camp and attend weeks 1-8 to attend week 9 for FREE!!

Register Now

Non-members email the High Performance coordinator at hp@tenniscentersandpoint.com

Billing & Refund Policies

A 25% deposit will be due at the time of registration.

Refunds will be given for all withdrawals more than 1 week in advance of the start of the respective camp.

Full payment is due 1 week prior the start of their respective camp, otherwise that player will forfeit their camp reservation.

Withdrawals more than 24 hours prior to the start date of the respective week of camp will forfeit the 25% deposit, but will be refunded the remaining 75% of the camp fee.

All refunds will be given in the form of account credit.


10% sibling discount for 2 or more siblings in the program

Players that attend 5 weeks of camp will receive a 50% discount on the 5th week. Players that attend all 9 weeks of camp will be able to attend the 9th week of camp for free (deposit refunded as account credit)

Make-up Policies 

No makeups will be allowed for missed sessions. No exceptions. 

Account credit will be given if a player is unable to continue due to injury. A Dr’s note & 24 hour notice is required for account credit.