TCSP Tennis Director Jamie Dieveney teaches you a few great ideas that can improve your ready position.

Video Transcript:

Hi I’m Jamie Dieveney, at TCSP.

And we are currently under construction building 10 new indoor courts out here in Seattle, and we’re getting ready, so we thought today, let’s talk about the ready position. There are many opinions about the ready position, but i’m going to give you three ideas that will hopefully help you play better tennis.

The first one we’re going to focus on your feet.

The key with the ready position is that you will be able to sprint out of it into any shot, forehand, backhand, volley, overhead, so to do that, you want your toes and knees slightly angled inward, okay, also you want to be on the balls of your feet. Have your heels of the ground slightly.

The other thing is your hands, you want to make sure you’re waiting usually with your favorite shot, that’s the forehand, we hit about 65% more forehands that back hands, so you want to wait with the forehand grip, that way you are ready to hit with strength. Also, instead of having the racquet centered, it’s slightly angled, to go easy on your wrist to be able to maintain that forehand semi-western grip,

The third thing is you want to be slightly leaning forward, because tennis is a forward oriented sport. Oh yeah, this feels good!

We’ll see you in the courts.