TCSP’s Flex Leagues are your opportunity to compete against fellow members!

8 weeks to complete 7 singles matches — Schedule matches with your opponents at your convenience — any order, any place, any time... Matches can be played during any of the 8 weeks.

Flex League participants may reserve TCSP courts up to 7 days in advance (Standard court fees apply & include a can of balls)

$50 per player

2022-2023 Flex Leagues

 Women's Singles Divisions
Men's Singles Divisions
October 3 - November 30Women 2.5 (1.0-2.0)Men 3.0 (2.5-4.0)
January - February (TBA)(TBA)(TBA)

Scoring Format

  • Timed matches (75 minutes)
  • Two sets with 10-point tiebreaker 3rd set
  • No-ad scoring (returner chooses side for deuce point)
  • Tiebreaks at 6-6 games all  (first to 7 points, win by 2)
  • 3rd set super tiebreak after split sets (first to 10 points, win by 2)

General League Information

1. Commitment: We ask if you sign up for Flex League that you commit to playing all your matches. Following through on your commitment will make it a fun and rewarding experience for you and for your fellow players.

2. League Divisions and Ages:

  • Men’s Division (19-90)
  • Women’s Division (19-90)

3. Cost:
$50 per player

4. Scoring format: All matches must be best 2/3 sets with a ten-point tiebreaker for the third set. You must play this format for your match to count toward your standings.

*If you are at risk of not completing the match within 75 minutes, please begin the second set with a score of 2 games all (2-2).

5. Player Divisions/Matchups: Each player will be assigned 8 matches over the course of the 9-week summer league session.

6. Guaranteed Matches: Players will be guaranteed 7 matches within 8 weeks, unless a player withdraws from the league, is unresponsive, or there is a limited number of players registered in your division.

7. Reporting Match Score: When your match is complete, the winning player must post the score using the “+” button on the mobile app or at Choose your opponent, and report the score. If the match is not listed please reach out to your Flex League Manager ( We also recommend you ask your opponent to confirm the score on site.

8. Confirming Match Scores: Players have 7 days to confirm or edit the score once posted. If no action is taken, the match will be automatically confirmed at the end of 7 days. If a score is not able to be agreed upon by the two players, please fill contact The match outcome will then be decided by Flex League Manager.

9. Withdrawal from a League: Players must provide valid reasoning for withdrawal.  No refunds will be given unless we TCSP cancels the league.

10. Finding your Match Schedule: League schedules can be found within the flex league event page under the “Matchups” tab or “View All Draws” on the app.

11. Standings: League standings can be found by selecting the “Standings” tab where your matchups are shown on the event page and this will update automatically when your posted score is confirmed.

12. Prizes: All Division winners will receive prizes. To receive a prize you must complete at least 6 matches. If one player is undefeated, and another has one loss but has completed more matches, the prize will go to the player who completed more matches. Any match results not submitted within a week after the league end date may not count toward the final league Standings.

Scheduling Rules

1. Scheduling Match Times and Locations: Players are responsible for scheduling their own match times with their opponent at Tennis Center Sand Point or an off-site location.

TCSP courts for Flex League matches may be reserved 7 days in advance (Court rates apply) — names will be verified for each match.

Balls: Both players should bring a can of balls.

*1 can of balls will be provided per match if played at TCSP (Balls to be returned post match).

2. Contact information: Contact information can be found by going to the “Matchups” tab and clicking the phone icon next to your opponent’s name. You must be logged into the player who is playing the event’s profile in order to see those details.

IMPORTANT: You must have your phone number, email, and home club correct on your profile before the league begins. Please see the directions on how to update your home club here and your phone and email here.

3. When to Contact your Opponent: We recommend being proactive and contacting all your match opponents as soon as the matchups are released. Be courteous when contacting your fellow players. Call/text your opponent before 9pm and after 9am. Email is okay any time.

4. Canceling Matches: If you need to cancel a match, please try and reschedule for a different week or during the 9th week which is given as a makeup match week. If it cannot be played during a different week or the makeup week, please send your opponent an email with your Flex League Manager’s email copied. You will receive a walkover for this match or be given a new opponent.

5. Playing Multiple Matches in a Week: Remember, matches can be played during any week of your Flex League session… you can even play all 8 matches in the first week if you’d like!

6. Unresponsive opponents: We are not responsible for unresponsive opponents. Please wait at least four business days after reaching out to your opponent by both phone and email twice, allowing them time to reply. If after four days, your opponent has not responded, you may reach out to your Flex League Manager as they can be of assistance here. Ultimately, it is up to you and your opponent to schedule the match.


Match Day Rules

1. COVID Safety Measures: Please see TCSP’s updated COVID Policies.

2. Timed Match Format (75 minutes): To maintain consistent scoring throughout the league, match scores need be recorded at 75 minute mark. Players agree to set a 75 minute countdown on their phones which include warm ups.

Courts in the area will be challenging secure during the summer. We believe this will ease any frustrations about having enough court time to complete a full match.

2. Warm-up: A 7-minute USTA warm-up is our recommendation. Please do not go over 7 minutes for your warm-up.

3. Line Calls: There are no officials on site and players must call their own lines and scores. We expect the highest level of honesty and integrity. Flex League Managers reserve the right to disqualify you from the league if they receive two or more complaints.


4. Game Changeovers: Complete game changeovers within 90-seconds to keep play moving.

5. Set Breaks:

  •  A 2-minute break is allowed between the first and second set of play.
  • If players split sets, a 2-minute break may be taken if they are playing a 10 point tiebreaker.

6. Tiebreakers:

  • Tiebreakers at 6-6 should be played to 7, win by 2.
  • The super tiebreak, after you have split sets, should be played to 10, win by 2.
  • They should be played in the traditional format with the first server serves 1 point, and after that, each player serves 2 points.

7. Match Winner: Is determined by the player with

  • Most games won,
  • If games are tied, then most points won,
  • If points are tied, then play a golden point

8. Parents/spectators: Under no circumstances should parents be on the court or coaching players in any way.

9. Unsportsmanlike Behavior: We ask that you DO NOT play this league if you cannot act mature and respectful. If someone is not upholding these values, please report it to the Flex League Manager. Three reports and a player may be suspended from the league and any future TCSP Leagues.

10. Coaching: No coaching is allowed during Flex Leagues at any time during a match, including if players split sets.

11. Hindrance: If there is a hindrance caused by a player (hat falls off, ball falls out of pocket, etc) there will be one replay of the point. After the second offense, the point goes to the opposing player. If there is any sort of hindrance from outside the court (ball from another court rolls in), please redo that point. 

12. Filming: Filming of matches is allowed only if you have verbal permission from your opponent in advance.

13. Canceling Matches: If you are canceling a match more than 24 hours in advance and cannot play it later in the 8 week session, you default the match.

14. Late: Players have 30 minutes from the agreed-upon match time to show up. After 30 minutes, the player has the right to leave and submit the match as a walkover (default).

15. No show: If a player does not show up this will go on their record as a walkover (default).

16. Injuries: We know injuries are a part of tennis. If you drop out of a match once, you may still play the league. If it happens twice, you may be defaulted from the league.

17. Leaving the court/bathroom breaks: You may only leave the court during a Flex League match to use the bathroom or get treatment for an injury, such as a bandaid. We ask that you try to save your bathroom breaks for set breaks unless an emergency. You may not leave the court during a Flex League match for any other circumstances. If you do, your opponent has the right to submit the match as a default. 

18. Injury breaks: Players may take an injury timeout, up to 5 minutes for an injury. If another extended timeout is needed for the same injury, we ask that you default the match. At the same time, players can choose to give their opponents as long as needed for injuries if they would like to continue the match. 

How to Register

Register through your TCSP Club Automation member portal.

Registration closes end of the day, September 30th.

Remember, all participants need to be part of TCSP’s Digital Club in UTR (click “Request to Join”).

Cancellation Policy: Account credit will not be issued as of the first day of the session, October 3rd.

Universal Tennis Rating

What is UTR?

  • UTR is a global rating system that promotes fair and competitive play across the tennis world. All players, regardless of age, gender, geography, or skill level, are rated on the same scale between 1.00 and 16.50 based on actual match results.

What are the benefits?

  •  UTR provides a real-time view of a player’s true skill level and eliminates the subjectivity when doing court assignments. UTR allows for level-based play and more competitive matches. Click Here to see How UTR Works!

How is the rating calculated

  • UTR is an objective, results-driven rating based on 1) Strength of opponent; 2) Games won; 3) History of last 30 matches within 12 months. It does not look at wins or losses. Click here to Understand the UTR Algorithm!

What if I don't have a UTR? Can I still play?

  • Yes! Just join the UTR range which corresponds to your NTRP rating. If you don’t have an NTRP rating, please visit this page for information on how to get one.

My UTR Account

TCSP members looking for intraclub match play opportunities should join the TCSP Digital Club (it’s free!), which you can register onto by visiting this link and clicking “Request to Join”. TCSP staff will then verify you are an active TCSP member and approve your request. Note that registration for our match play events is still through your regular member portal and not through the Digital Club. We use the Digital Club to track match results.

Once you are a Digital Club member, you will be able to:

  • Participate in future club match play events
  • Post your own scores (casual and sanctioned) to build your rating
  • Look up other player ratings.
  • Message other TCSP players through the UTR platform to find new playing partners

What if I already play USTA?

Players that have competitive playing histories from participation in USTA tournaments or recreational league play will have a UTR rating already. If you do not have a UTR rating, start posting your own scores! (Remember, you can post recreational scores: 8-game pro sets and 4-game mini sets count towards your UTR but receive slightly less weight relative to best-of-3 set matches) The more you play, the more accurate your UTR will become, and the more competitive your matches will become.

Social distancing protocol and USTA Safe Play guidelines will be observed, with separate entries and exits.