DYNAMIC VOLLEY DRILL – TCSP ‘Tip of the Week” from Tennis Center Sand Point on Vimeo.


Dea Sumantri is here with your TCSP ‘Tip of the Week.’ The Dynamic Volley Drill is an excellent 3-minute warm-up drill for players looking to keep their volley reaction time sharp.



Hi tennis players, I am Dea Sumantri and here is your TCSP tip of the week.

This is a great drill that you guys can do while you’re warming up, to warm up your volleys. This is called the “Dynamic Volleys”.  So in this drill we’re going try to work our way in closer to the net, as close as possible with your partner and then once you get up there you’re going to start inching your way back, So it’s going to look like this. (Getting closer to the net) Work your way in, then move back, So tennis players, that is the “dynamic volley drill”, please try it about three minutes each time you’re about to practice, I guarantee you if you get to do it, you’re going to have a much better court awareness as well as court control, and great volleys at the end of the practice. Thank you so much, and that’s your TCSP Tennis Tip of the week, Thank you.