Lori Conroy

Events Coordinator


Lori grew up in Spokane and graduated from the UW in 1983. She spent 15 years after college working in Hotel Sales and Marketing and the next 20 raising three kids, volunteering at schools, church and starting a small business specializing in creating custom art, interior and exterior design consulting, and special events.

In 2013 she helped open Tennis Center Sand Point by working the Front Desk and to this day feels a deep sense of gratitude and admiration for the healthy current of the whole facility and its people. Building community with a focus on good health and continual growth and development color every season for every age at Tennis Center Sand Point and she enjoys being part of that. She values service for the community and is especially grateful for the benevolent direction of our owners, staff, professionals and membership, and she works to pursue their continued dedication to our charitable outreach efforts.

Pet(s): Chester - the chubby house cat disguised as a King Charles Cocker.
Dream Job: Running a Seasonal Dude Ranch
Bucket List: Singing the National Anthem in Husky Stadium or Candle Light Dance Party at TCSP
Most Passionate About: Whatever I am doing at the moment.
Spirit Animal: Clydesdale... though many animals may appear on the court when you play with me!
Quote: The Pro staff here each has their own brand of excellence and unique twist on how to make you a better player of the game. Whether you are 5 or 85, there is magic that happens here.... when you hit that little yellow ball over the net, and it connects with the other person and they send it back to you - you disappear from the world to a zen place that you can't match in any other experience. It's a fantastic kinetic motion that requires your whole self as well as theirs - of course it's a blast trying to learn the dance better, and someday I hope to be able to do it well!