David Dickson

Pro Shop Owner / Tennis Professional


Pro Shop owner with 42 years of teaching experience. Played the PNW circuit achieving the #1 ranking in three doubles divisions. Enjoy helping players build their playing foundation so they can take a lesson from the better pros. Attended Everett High and PLU. Graduated with a Business Degree and concentrations in Operations Management and Accounting. 54 years of marriage, (27 for each of us), Wife's name is Molly and a wonderful son named Andrew. Living in Olympia where I work from home and commute to TCSP to teach. Currently serving on the Wilson Advisory Staff.

Favorite Food: 2 things I hate in life. Being hungry or being fat. I just haven't decided which one I hate worse.
Favorite Vacation Place: Not necessary. Every day is too great to miss being on vacation.
Favorite Quote: I'll never be any younger than I am today!
Favorite Movie: My favorites are the free ones
Hobbies: Golf, Sudoku, Ken Ken, Cribbage