COVID-19 Measures

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, please refer to this page for updates on operating hours, program clinics, lessons, and league match play at TCSP.


LAST UPDATED: Thursday, March 26th

As of Monday (3/23), Governor Inslee has order everyone to shelter in their place of residence via his “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” directive. This latest order lengthens the closure period for recreational businesses such as TCSP from the original end date of March 31st to April 6th, 2020. TCSP will therefore issue account credits for the current session through April 6th to match the latest shelter orders. Orders to remain closed could extend through the rest of the Early Spring session, and account credits will continue to follow the governor’s orders and it has been deemed reasonably safe to resume operations.



  • The facility will be locked and closed to the general public through March 31st.
  • No programs, court reservations, private lessons, or any other tennis, yoga, or batting activity will be scheduled.
  • Annual memberships that are due for renewal are also not being charged at this time. All renewal fees are being deferred until TCSP has confirmed a reopen date. Renewals are still able to cancel within the normal 30-day cancellation period from the renewal date. All memberships will also be given consideration for the closure period and be addressed by management once operations have resumed.
  • Restrooms and shower facilities will be closed.
  • TCSP will not have phone support during this time.
  • Our staff will respond to email inquiries as normal:
    • General Inquiries –
    • League Play –
    • Private Lessons –
    • Junior Programs –
    • Tournaments –
    • Events –



Adult and Junior clinics will open for registration per normal online procedures following the schedule below. However, members will not be charged or asked to pay at registration given the uncertainty of resuming operations. Members who register for clinics will have all charges remain pending on their accounts until TCSP reopens. A communication will go out to all members once there is a confirmed resume date, at which time pending charges will then be processed with the appropriate account credits applied first. Any remaining balances will then be processed against registered credit cards to complete the registration.
  • 6am, March 30 = Adult Workouts and Fitness Clinics
  • 6am, March 31 = Adult Instructional Clinics
  • 6am, April 6 = Junior 10 & Under Programs
  • 6am, April 7 = Junior 11 & Over Programs
Member service representatives will be available on the main phone at TCSP on the registration days only between the hours of 5:45 AM and 9:00 AM. Members can call (206) 522-5008.
All other registration questions and issues can be requested via email to:
To reiterate from above, account credits will be applied to new registration fees prior to processing. New charges will be left in stasis until a confirmed resume date has been identified and communicated to members.

Summer registration for junior tennis camps will continue to be available online through member accounts.



Dickson’s Tennis Services will be closed until further notice.



Willy’s Cafe will be closed until further notice.



The two-week suspension of programs could possibly be extended should conditions in our region worsen.

We pray everyone stays as healthy as possible and uses good judgement to protect yourselves. All of us at TCSP thank all of you for your understanding and patience during this unprecedented time in our lives.