ACEing Autism is a non profit organization that brings recreational tennis programs to children on the autism spectrum. Using a dedicated nationwide volunteer force ACEing Autism reaches over 500 children every week.

ACEing Autism is excited to launch its newest program in “The Emerald City” on Sunday October 9th 2016 from 4-5pm at The Tennis Center at Sand Point, 7135 Sportsfield Dr. NE, Seattle, WA 98115.

The specially designed tennis clinic benefits children on the autism spectrum and their peers in various ways; just having them on court and participating is great for social skills training, general socialization, which leads to improved fitness, hand eye coordination, and improved motor skills. Not to mention giving parents a well needed recreational hour for their children.

With over 40 locations across the US, ACEing Autism has successfully introduced over seven hundred and fifty children with ASD to tennis (since September 2010) and has delivered nearly five thousand hours of tennis coaching to these children, including creating eleven thousand hours of community service for volunteers from local communities, high schools and universities. ACEing Autism is a grant recipient from the USTA Foundation.

The new program will be held every Sunday, from this Sunday 9th October through

November 20th, from 4-5pm, organized by local student and tennis player Kailyn

Skjonsby. Undergraduate student volunteers from the University of Washington and tennis players from the Tennis Center at Sand Point will be volunteering by teaching basic tennis skills to children with autism.

You are all invited to  come  and  watch,  volunteer and  take  part! Please like us  at or follow us on Twitter @aceingautism or go to our website for parent registration, more information and FAQ’s.

Notes to Editors:

For further press information or pictures about ACEing Autism, please contact Alex

Huggan, on or +1 310 600 5598.

About Autism

Currently, 1 in 68 children are being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and there are approximately one million children in the US with this disorder.

Why ACEing Autism

There is a desperate need for recreational opportunities for children with autism and our organization provides a recreational tennis program for this population.

The Tennis Program

ACEing Autism has over 40 programs in 16 states and is currently serving about 500 children on a weekly basis.

Our tennis program was created to meet the needs of children with autism who represent a variety of cognitive, social, and physical abilities. Each child will be paired with 1-2 volunteers based on his/her needs.

The 50 minute session is structured as follows:

• Warm up, running and jumping exercises on the court

• Basic hand-eye coordination skills as rolling the ball and balancing ball on the racquet.

• Volleys at the net

• Groundstrokes at the service line

• Obstacle course

• Group game and ball pickup

Our program is flexible and can be modified based on each child’s skill level and favorite activities. If at any time a child needs to take a break he/she is allowed to do so. Parents can watch and are welcome to come onto the court during the session to assist their child if necessary.

Volunteer Testimonials

“Working with autistic children was challenging yet rewarding because I was able to see the children’s appreciation for being taught tennis! It was a remarkable experience! Thanks so much!!” Alexa Miller, Volunteer

“It was such a rewarding experience volunteering at ACEing Autism! The kids were a joy to work with they were all so happy, and it was awesome to bring a sport that means so much to myself to them! It was awesome to meet Richard and Alex! The fact that they flew out for the launch shows how involved and committed they are to seeing the program succeed!” Megan Wasson

“Thank you for the opportunity to help out. Saturday was awesome and incredibly fulfilling! ACEing Autism is really special and I  feel so fortunate to participate. Thank you!” Rob Gregoire

“ACEing Autism’s Pittsburgh launch was incredibly successful! It made me proud to see a young team of people volunteering their time to change the lives of children with autism. Pittsburgh is such a supporter of the autism community, so it was great to have so many parents support the program and bring their children to participate. What I love most about ACEing Autism’s process is the intricate system that monitors each child’s progress on a weekly basis. ACEing Autism is a world-class organization and I strongly believe that the high quality of service offered will make a difference in each child’s life, including teaching them valuable social skills and transferable skills for landing a job and building a career. I am proud to be in such wonderful company with a strong and knowledgable administration, heroic volunteer force, and team of loving children.” Sara Longo, Program Director

Parent Testimonials 

“My daughter Kayla was so nervous getting out of the car but once Sara came over with her smile and got her with Catherine  I could see her relax and start having fun. Alex really encouraged the kids. We are so excited to be a part of this group with these wonderful people.” Jackie Golightly

“My daughter, Sydney, had an amazing experience last Saturday participating in ACEing Autism.  Within minutes, Sydney was on the court, warming up, and with the help of JJ, beginning to learn tennis basics.  Before long, Sydney was stroking the ball and going to the net. I had a positive experience, as well. We were greeted so warmly by Sara, ACEing Autism Pittsburgh’s, Coordinator.  Signing up was easy and meeting other parents was great, too! Sydney and I cannot wait for this Saturday. I know she will build upon her skills and I  am hopeful that tennis can be something she enjoys throughout the years.” Chimene M. Brant, Beechwood, PA

“Alan and Ethan are having a great time on Saturday’s class. As parents, it is very hard to find suitable sports activities for my son who is Pdd-nos. This event is safe and fun. The volunteers are enthusiasm and the coach is professional. We enjoy watching our kids participate this event. Thank you very much for the wonderful opportunity.” Lily Yan