TCSP congratulates all the 2020 winners of the Club Championships. So grateful to all of the players that took the time to participate and battle! Fun matches, tight tiebreakers, good camaraderie, and some sweltering temperatures in the afternoon. Even with covid protocols, everyone had a great time and made both the singles & doubles weekends a fantastic overall event!


TCSP is happy to announce our 6th annual Club Championship tournament! This is your chance to etch your name on the prestigious tournament plaques and be remembered as Champion! Play one or all formats and have a blast!

July 31 – August 2 =  Mixed Doubles, Singles

August 14-16  =  Men’s & Women’s Doubles


*The following will not be held in 2020: Senior Singles Open, Juniors

Registration Deadlines are:
Mixed Doubles & Singles – Friday 7/24
Men’s & Women’s Doubles – Friday 8/7
Playing Doubles? Email your doubles team for confirmation to:

All participants must have a UTR account and have joined the TCSP Digital Club before the event registration deadline in order to be eligible to participate. Tournament management will be conducted through the UTR software and will allow all tournament results to be posted and viewable online as soon as they are reported. There is no additional cost.


Entry Fees



We will aim to post draws and match times 5 days prior to each event.

Singles/Mixed draws will be posted no later than 3pm on Wednesday, July 29th.

Having issues seeing the draws? Please log into your UTR account and click on the event that you are going to be participating in.


For the safety of our participating members and staff during this unprecedented time, the 2020 TCSP Club Championship tournament will follow current collegiate and professional sporting restrictions in prohibiting spectators inside the facility. Non-playing guests and players who have finished their matches will not be permitted inside the facility. Matches will be viewable online through our PlaySight streams.

Despite this inconvenience, we know that the camaraderie, sportsmanship, and spirit of the competition on court will continue to be representative of the strength and determination of our community.

For a list of the many other measures TCSP has implemented to ensure the safety and health of our members and staff while we compete, please visit this page.

  • Tournament entries will close 7 days prior to the event’s weekend. Our goal is to post draws and match times 5 days prior to each weekend.
  • Players will not be allowed to enter into more than two events per weekend. If entered into more than two, TCSP will remove members from excess registrations based on rating.
  • Players should use their TCSP rating to determine their division.
  • Main draw format is 2 out of 3 6-game sets; 3rd set is a 10-point tiebreaker.
  • Consolation draw format is 2 out of 3 6-game sets; 3rd set is a 10-point tiebreaker.
  • Consolation draws and times will be available after the first round is played.
  • Matches will start each weekend on Fridays at 5 pm; Saturdays at 8:15am; Sundays at 8:15 am. No requests for start times will be taken.
  • Players and teams should expect to play as many as 3 matches per day per division.
  • All Doubles partners must be within a full NTRP point in ratings to participate/enter. For example, if playing in Mixed Doubles 7.0, teams can have individual ratings of 3.0 + 4.0, or 3.5 + 3.5, or 3.0 + 3.5. A 4.5 and 2.5 team would not be allowed, because they would have rating differential of greater than 1.0.
  • Doubles teams must email their pairings to
  • Mixed Doubles partners must not have a combined rating that exceeds the Division rating.
  • The maximum draw size will be 16 players for singles and 16 teams for doubles, per division. Draw sizes will be limited during initial registration to manage draw size. If you are unable to register online, please call us to place your name on the waitlist. TCSP may combine draws if there are insufficient players enrolled. There is a 4-player minimum for a division to fire.
  • All winners will be awarded trophies and have their names added to the tournament plaques.