Magnuson Park Mini Golf

Magnuson Park is your newest Miniature Golf Course in Seattle. Located at Tennis Center Sand Point; Seattle’s # 1 recreational destination, this 9-hole mini golf course will provide your family a fun and challenging outing this summer. Golfers can take on Wallis the Owl, the angry bear and challenging angles, dips and turns. The Magnuson…


Volley angle

Watch Scott Daniel demonstrate the importance of a racquet-wrist relationship and also for the varying footwork between the forehand and backhand volley. Video Transcript: This is Scott Daniel, We’re going to do the Volley Tennis Tip, when we’re volleying, we want 1. Continental grip, 2. the racquet up, it’s very important that we maintain this…


TRX Tennis

TCSP is now offering off-court strength and agility training with its TRX Suspension Training classes. This awesome workout is led by certified TRX Trainer, Mindy Pederson who will help develop and prepare your body for the rigors of tennis. TRX Tennis uses the machine and tennis combined for a great workout!