Environmental Sustainability

at Tennis Center Sand Point

Tennis Balls Recycled
Pairs of Shoes Recycled

Why Recycle Balls and Shoes?

How is TCSP Helping?


Tennis Ball Recycling Program

TCSP began a tennis ball recycling program in July of 2017 by partnering with RecycleBalls, a nonprofit organization located in Vermont. Beginning in 2014, RecycleBalls is the first nonprofit in the U.S. with a large-scale collection program for tennis balls with the mission to recycle all used tennis balls.


Tennis Shoe Recycling Program

As of August 2017, TCSP provides a Nike Reuse-a-Shoe bin for Nike Grind in order to prevent TCSP players from throwing their shoes in the trash. Once the bin fills up, we ship the tennis shoes to Nike Grind’s facility in Tennessee. In the 1990s, Nike began their Reuse-a-Shoe program, allowing for people to sustainably dispose of their unwearable athletic shoes. Nike began this program by grinding old shoes into crumb, called Nike Grind, for running tracks. Currently, Nike Grind is used for athletic surfaces, playgrounds, and Nike apparel.

Should I donate my shoes or put them in the Reuse a Shoe box?

From the Nike website:

To know if your shoes should be donated or recycled, please use these guidelines:

  • Recycle your shoes if:

• They’re full of holes or are just too trashed to wear.

• The soles are worn out or the tread is gone.

• If the cushioning looks crinkled, rippled or lacks support.


  • Donate your shoes if:

• Your shoes still have life in them.

• They’re still in good shape, but you no longer like them.


  • You can drop off athletic shoes of any brand for recycling. Nike’s recycling equipment is set up specifically for the material and dimensions of athletic shoes. Sandals, flip-flops, dress shoes, boots, or shoes containing metal cannot be accepted.