TCSP strives to provide the ultimate experience for tennis players. In order to deliver on that experience, TCSP requires every player and member to uphold its policies and treat one another, the staff and the facility with courtesy and respect.

Providing the ultimate experience for tennis players

Updated Policies for Programs & Classes


Make-Up Classes are no longer available: Effective Winter session 2014, please note that TCSP will no longer offer a make-up policy for missed classes. There will also be no issuance of account credit or financial refunds for missed classes.

Substitute Policy: Substitution is only allowed in Adult fitness classes such as Cardio Tennis, Wimbledon Workout and Boot Camps. Instructional classes such as Tennis in 10 and Clinics 2.0-3.5 will not allow substitution for the sake of a program’s continuity.  There will be no substituting in Junior program classes either.

Drop In Policy:  Drop-ins are not available for classes with full registrations in order to avoid potential over enrollment. Members and non-members are allowed to “drop in” on a space available basis 15 minutes prior to class start time (payment must be taken prior to the start of class at the Front Desk). Please call the Front Desk to check for space availability.

Class Change Policy:  Schedule changes can only be done on a space available basis and  must be secured within the first week of class. No schedule change(s) will be allowed after the first week and credit only (no refunds) will be issued in the case of a class drop. With the exception of injury (via Doctor’s note) or moving out of town, no refunds will be issued.

Level Policy:  TCSP expects participants to use their best judgement when signing up for classes and flights with specified NTRP ratings.  TCSP trusts registrants will place themselves in the appropriately rated class(es) as proper placement is crucial to maintain continuity for players within a class or program.  The TCSP Instructional Staff reserve the right to make appropriate placement adjustments as they see fit anytime during the course of classes.

Behavior and Conduct: TCSP expects children to exercise respectful behavior, disruptive behavior is grounds for dismissal from the TCSP facility. For more details, please refer to TCSP Policies & Procedures-07-2014 under Supervision and Conduct of Children Policies.