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Red Ball Tennis Classes

10 & Under Tennis is about fitting tennis to kids based on age and physical size. Any child between the ages of six and ten can start playing tennis almost immediately, even if he or she has never picked up a racquet! To make it easier for them, we changed the court sizes, racquet sizes, the balls, the scoring system and even the net height! Like other popular youth sports, 10 & Under Tennis stresses the importance of play and team competition. By helping kids learn in an environment that focuses on camaraderie, self-esteem, physical fitness, discipline and good sportsmanship, they will develop just as many life skills as they will tennis skills.

Which Red Ball class should my child take?

TCSP offers three Red Ball classes – Red Ball 1.0, Red Ball 2.0, and Red Ball 3.0. The number corresponds to your child’s rating (level).

  • Is your child a beginner? Then s/he should sign up for Orange Ball 1.0!
  • If your child has previously taken classes at TCSP, you should continue to sign them up for the current level until told directly by the junior program coordinator. If you can’t remember which level your child enrolled in last, call the front desk at (206) 522 – 5008 to find out your child’s rating.
  • If your child has been taking lessons elsewhere and has never taken a class at TCSP, then email the junior program coordinator to schedule a 15-minute evaluation. In your message, please include the following: your child’s name, age, and prior experience.
Red Ball 1.0

Beginning players that are new to the game or are on their way to becoming rock stars!  Players will develop an athletic and tennis foundation in a fun environment.  The priority of Red Ball 1 is learning how to rally.

  • No experience necessary
  • For the new tennis player who has never played before ready to learn how to rally

Red Ball 1.0 Schedule
Friday4:15 - 5:15 PM
Friday5:15 - 6:15 PM
Saturday9:45 - 10:45 AM
Saturday10:45 - 11:45 AM

Price for 8-week session:  $ 140 + tax

Red Ball 2.0

Players graduating from Red Ball 1 and developing rally skills.   Must meet the following competencies to participate in Red Ball 2.0:

  • Player must be able to rally 15 times in a row minimum with a coach, including at least 2 backhands.
  • Player must know ready position, listening position, bring it in, split-step, ready steps, and how to call a ball out.
  • Player must be able to demonstrate the forehand & backhand groundstroke with understanding of the preparation, hands, and follow-through.
  • Player needs to know the different lines and areas of a 36′ court.
  • Player must be able to drop & hit, and trap & catch.
  • Player must be able to demonstrate reliable listening skills in following a pro’s guidance.

Red Ball 2.0 Schedule
Tuesday4:00 - 5:00 PM
Thursday4:00 - 5:00 PM

Price for 8-week session:  $ 160 + tax

Red Ball 3.0

Players graduating from Red Ball 2 and developing rally skills with both Forehand and Backhand are now getting into a more competitive environment.  Rally skills are accomplished with solid technique.  Must meet the following competencies to participate in Red Ball 3:

  • Player must be able to rally 25 times in a row minimum with a coach, including at least 4 backhands
  • Player must be able to demonstrate the unit turn, follow-through, and recovery on both the forehand & backhand groundstroke.
  • Player must know the concept of a split-step and when to use.
  • Player must be able to successfully serve from the 36′ baseline (6 out of 10).
  • Player must be playing in our program at least twice a week.
  • Player must know scoring format for a USTA 9 & Under match.
  • Player must be able to demonstrate simple racket skills with continental grip.
  • Player must be able to demonstrate the 4 basic ladder skills.

Red Ball 3.0 Schedule
Tuesday & Thursday4:00 - 5:00 PM

Price for 8-week session (Tue & Thur)*:  $ 160 x 2 = $320 + tax

* Red Ball 3.0 players must register for both Tuesday and Thursday classes.

2016 - 2017 Season Schedule

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