Junior Tennis Team

USTA Junior Tennis Team (JTT) is a great way for kids to get involved in playing tennis on a regular  basis.  Kids like playing with their friends and being part of a group and tennis team at the TCSP is a great opportunity for them to join in on the fun.  Playing JTT involves singles, doubles, and mixed doubles, best of all JTT is for children of different ages and abilities.
To participate, your child must first register with USTA as a junior member, registration can be found at http://membership.usta.com.  Second, your child must roster onto a TCSP team.  Finally we encourage your child to join Junior Tennis Team Practice on Sundays for more play time and instruction.  This is optional and a separate charge; sign up is through your child’s account online.

JTT Spring Team Information from the March 5th meeting can be found below:

Junior Tennis Teams Categories

USTA JTT Teams at TCSP are offered in the following categories:

9 and Under

Introductory League play using a 36 foot Red Ball Court.

10 and Under

League play on a 60 foot court.  Basic serve and rally ability required.

12 and Under A & B

Play is on a full sized adult court with the standard yellow ball.

14 and Under Intermediate

Play is on a full sized adult court. Designed for Challenger and Rookie Tournament level players.

18 and Under Beginner/Intermediate A & B

A is designed for the Varsity level player. B is designed for the JV or High School Freshman player.

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JTT General Information

Tennis Team Schedule

USTA Junior Tennis Teams

Tennis team practice are on Sundays, please sign up through your child’s account in Club Automation.

We are winding down Winter season and getting ready for Spring season which begins April 4th and runs through June 7th.  JTT is offered year round and includes 3 home games and 3 away games.  For further questions about Spring enrollment, please contact Lisa Moholt, Junior Tennis Team Coordinator at lisa@tenniscentersandpoint.com.