Junior Tennis Team

USTA Junior Tennis Team (JTT) is a great way for kids to get involved in playing tennis on a regular  basis.  Kids like playing with their friends and being part of a group and tennis team at the TCSP is a great opportunity for them to join in on the fun.  Playing JTT involves singles, doubles, and mixed doubles, best of all JTT is for children of different ages and abilities.

To participate, your child must be registered as a TCSP member and be currently enrolled in a junior program. Second, make sure to register your player with the USTA as a junior member; registration can be found at http://membership.usta.com.  Once you have been vetted by the TCSP JTT Coordinator, you will receive your team number to roster onto the team via the USTA Tennislink website.

Junior Tennis Teams Categories

USTA JTT Teams at TCSP are offered in the following categories:

9 and Under

Introductory League play using a 36 foot Red Ball Court for players between 6 and 9 years old.  At least one class of Red Ball I is recommended.

10 and Under

League play on a 60 foot Orange Ball court.  Basic serve and rally ability required.  At least one class of Orange Ball I is recommended. Exclusive use of Orange Balls.

12 and Under A & B

Play is on a full sized adult court with the standard yellow ball.  ‘A’ is for players with at least 2-3 years of playing experience.  ‘B’ Group is for players with less than 2 years of playing experience.

14 and Under Intermediate

Play is on a full sized adult court. Designed for Challenger and Rookie Tournament level players.

18 and Under Beginner/Intermediate A & B

A is designed for the Varsity level player. B is designed for the JV or High School Freshman player.

Current & Upcoming Season Info

2015 Fall Junior Team Tennis Season Info

TCSP will host the following 4 USTA junior teams for the Fall 2015 season:
9U, 10U, 12U and 14U.

USTA Junior teams will be open to players in the following classes:

  • 9U Red ball 3.0 players
  • 10U Orange ball 3.0 players
  • 12U Junior Premier and Yellow 3.0
  • 14U Yellow ball 4.0 (3.0 players if space is available)

Season dates = September 25th – November 29th

Each team will have 6 matches for the season – 3 home and 3 away.

Fees: $56 + tennislink fee. (Must have a current USTA junior membership. All fees are paid to the USTA through tennis link.)

Team players are required to be registered in both the Early and Late Fall sessions at TCSP to be eligible for JTT.

  • 9U team will consist of 12 players and 10U team will have 10 players.
  • 12U and 14U team will consist of 8 players (4 girls and 4 boys).
  • Each player will play one set per match. Possible additional matches based on time and extra players.

Priority will be given to players on the top of their class ladder and have proven to be match ready.

All interested players please contact Lisa Moholt via email at: lisa@tenniscentersandpoint.com to confirm eligibility and get team numbers.

USTA Junior Tennis Teams

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For further questions about enrollment, please contact Lisa Moholt, Junior Tennis Team Coordinator at lisa@tenniscentersandpoint.com.


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