Summer Tennis Camps

Summer is really the best opportunity for juniors to make big improvements on their tennis games.   We all have a blast and the coaches really care about the kids!

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TCSP Camp Culture

Our coaching emphasis and philosophy is on PLAY at our camps.  Play is a very powerful tool to help kids grow while staying engaged.  Players will not only grow in their tennis and athletic skills but also learn many valuable life lessons that come with playing.  A typical day will cover the following:

  • Intro & Greetings – “Tennis is an amazing privilege” Goal setting/Social connection/Fun Ice-breakers
  • Athletic Development – “Let’s get moving!” Agility, Balance, & Coordination (ABC’s)
  • Fundamental Work – “How and where to hit the ball!” Rally, Stroke Production, & Fun
  • Break – “Having fun together!” Big Group Games having fun cross-training and team bonding.
  • Tennis Match Play – “Where is your game today and what’s next for Tomorrow?” Playing tennis matches emphasizing sportsmanship, integrity, effort, etiquette, and FUN! Match play will be modified if needed to a level appropriate environment.
  • Sometimes even a DANCE PARTY!

How Levels Work

A brief overview of how the kids will be divided into compatible groups. First the age will usually determine the ball color and court size:

Ages 6-7 – Red Ball playing on a 36’ Court

Ages 8-10 – Orange Ball playing on a 60’ Court

Next is determining the skill level or rating. We break it up into three levels.

  • Pre-Rally: Just beginning or starting to rally (rally-hitting the ball back and forth)
  • Rally: Able to rally 15 in a row with a coach including two backhands
  • Competitive: Able to rally up to 30 in a row show some proper technique.

On the first day of camp, the players will be divided into level-appropriate groups based on their ratings. We will also enjoy big group activities that involve mixing all levels to promote the positive social elements of our summer camps. It is possible that kids will be moved up levels during the course of the camp (we hope it happens). We make it clear that no matter what level you are at in camps, you are all equally valuable and important.

AgeClassLevelDay TimeTimesCost*Weeks
6 – 7Red Ball1, 2, or 3Morning8:30am – 11am$2251 – 8
6 – 7Red Ball1, 2, or 3Afternoon12:30pm – 3pm$2251 – 8
6 – 7Red Ball1, 2, or 3All Day8:30am – 3pm$4501 – 8
8 – 10Orange Ball1, 2, or 3Morning8:30am – 11am$2251 – 8
8 – 10Orange Ball1, 2, or 3Afternoon12:30pm – 3pm$2251 – 8
8 – 10Orange Ball1, 2, or 3All Day8:30am – 3pm$4501 – 8
8 – 11JPP / JHPInvite OnlyAll Day10am – 4pm$4951 – 8
11 & OverYellow Ball1 & 2Late Afternoon4pm – 6pm$1951 – 8
11 & OverYellow Ball3 & 4Afternoon12:30 – 3:30pm$2951 – 8

*Guest/Non-Member Fee: Please note that for each non-member participant, there is an additional 20% guest fee for each camp. A Junior Membership costs $50 and is good for one year from the date of purchase.

Week 1June 26 – 30th
Week 2July 5 - 7th**
Week 3July 10-14th
Week 4July 17-21st
Week 5July 24 - 28th
Week 6July 31 - August 4th
Week 7August 7 - 11th
Week 8August 14 - 18th


Registration is simple!

  • Log onto
  • Create profile
  • Register players for weeks and times desired.
  • Camp is open to both members and *non-member/guest (*additional fees apply).

Don’t forget we will do an evaluation the first day of camp to make sure that they’re placed in the best group.

Please contact Lisa Moholt with any questions at (206) 522-5008 or via email.

Tennis Camp Refund Policy: Full refunds will be issued up to 2 weeks prior to the start of the weekly camp date.  After that date, credit only (no refunds) will be issued towards the use of tennis related activities up to the first day of camp.  No refunds or credit can be issued after the first day camp(s) has started.

TCSP is proud to partner with PYS for our members’ benefit.