Watching players during tournament play is a very critical part of training. Coaches will be going to all of the PNW Level 3 and Level 4 national tournaments. Coaches will be going to many of the local tournaments that are held close to Sand Point. We will be updating the list of tournaments that coaches will be attending.


For traveling within the PNW, coaching fees and coaches’ travel expenses are covered by tuition. Coaches will plan to attend the following tournaments: all PNW Level 3 Tournaments, all PNW Level 4 Tournaments, and select PNW Level 5 (local) Tournaments. Every two to three months, we will update the list of local tournaments that coaches will attend.


For traveling to Non­-PNW national tournaments, players who are competing will split the coaches’ airfare, hotel, food, and rental car among the number of players participating. From time to time, a coach may travel with players without parents if needed. Coaches will plan to be available for travel for the following tournaments: Easter Bowl Championships, Eddie Herr, and the Orange Bowl.