We strongly believe that intense and pressured match play on a regular basis is a critical component of a successful training regimen. Unfortunately, the PNW does not offer enough tournaments for our players compared with other sections. To solve this problem, we are going to implement the following plan:


We are going to make Saturday class a match play day. There will be three smaller groups on Saturdays. Each group will be comprised of a maximum of 12 players on 4 courts. This will allow us to get a lot of matches in on Saturdays. There will be three different group levels. When players sign up for Saturday class, they will be assigned to a group level based on their rankings and level of play: Level 1 being the highest level and Level 3 being the lowest level. These groupings will change depending on players’ development and performance. We will have GoPros to record matches and these videos will be used for video analysis if requested. In addition, we will be using different scoring systems to emphasize the concept of “playing the score.” We will work on playing pressure points, building momentum, and closing out games when you are up.


The second way to solve the lack of match play will be through arranged match play by our coach/mentors. The coach/mentors will assign match play between players, which must be completed within two weeks outside of class. There will be exceptions when players have tournaments or family vacations. Players will play one match against an opponent who is weaker, and then the following week, players will play one match against an opponent who is stronger. This will be great for players to work on dealing with the pressures of playing against players who they are expected to beat and also work on raising their level by playing against players who are stronger. It will be the player's responsibility to communicate and find court times that work for both players. They are also responsible for finishing their match within two weeks and reporting their score to their coach/mentor. The court rental fees should be shared equally between players.


Every Wednesday will be Warrior Wednesday where players will be challenged physically and mentally. Players will be put in very tough situations by doing difficult fitness rotations, then play matches when they are being physically and mentally challenged. This simulates a “third set situation” and physically tough situations in tournaments. This will build strong character and help our players to become warriors on and off the court.