High Performance Tennis Program

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For Players Aspiring
to Play College or
Professional Tennis

Tennis Center Sand Point’s High Performance Program is directed by Brian Park.  The High Performance Program is for competitive junior players who have aspirations of playing college or even professional tennis and have the commitment to undergo the rigors of a player development program. Over the last eight years, as an owner and director of an academy in Southern California, Brian has coached over 30 players who were top 100 in the nation.

Brian has trained and placed over 40 players to prestigious Universities like UCLA, University of Oklahoma, University of Pennsylvania, University of San Diego, UC Irvine, UC Riverside, Amherst College, Air Force Academy, Carnegie Mellon, UC San Diego, Claremont McKenna College and many more.

HP Pink
HP Grads

Class of 2016

Daniel Park – Claremont McKenna College

Zamir Birnbach – Vassar College

Oscar Burney – Amherst College

Alex Chan – Seattle University

Devon Kashishian – Eastern Washington University

Ranked Players

Jason Lui: #1 in the PNW for 18’s and #15 in the nation.

Oscar Burney: #5 in the PNW for 18’s.

Sasha Cayward: #8 in the PNW for 18’s.

Colton Weeldreyer: #9 in the PNW for 18’s.

Jack Katzman: #6 in the PNW for 18’s and #79 in the nation.

Zach Fleischman: #11 in the PNW for 18’s.

Daniel Park: #29 in the PNW for 18’s.

Viv Daniel: #20 in the PNW for 18’s.

Anders Gibbons: #3 in the PNW for 16’s and #79 in the nation.

Marcus Lee: #28 in the PNW for 16’s.

Thomas Paulsell: #6 in the PNW for 14’s and #101 in the nation.

Jacob Sleight: #8 in the PNW for 14’s.

Tate Fuller: #10 in the PNW for 14’s.

Andrew Suver: #20 in the PNW for 14’s.

Sasha Gaeth: #23 in the PNW for 14’s.

Alan Fan: #29 in the PNW for 14’s.

Josh Kim: #2 in the PNW for 12’s and #129 in the nation.

Brock Anderson: #3 in the PNW for 12’s and #123 in the nation.

Natalie Fuller: #6 in the PNW for 12’s.

Isaac Herrenkohl: #8 in the PNW for 12’s.

Josh Chou: #18 in the PNW for 12’s.

Ishaan Vadaddi: #27 in the PNW for 12’s.

Sophia Fonseca: #30 in the PNW for 12’s.

Success Stories

Laurence Formentera

Lawrence Formentera

University of Oklahoma


Joe Young

Tulane University


Julie Luzar

Cal State Long Beach


Katherine Cecil

Carnegie Mellon University


Stefannie Villa Juan

University of Louisville


Jason Lin

University of Pennsylvania


Florante Sarmiento


Brian traveled the world playing ITF Juniors and professional tennis for two years. Brian then received a full scholarship at Brigham Young University Hawaii and helped lead the team to win its first NCAA Division II title in 2002 season.  Brian achieved a national ranking of  7 in singles and 2 in doubles.  After playing college tennis, Brian’s passion led him to study the mental aspect of game which he considers the most important.

Brian received a Masters’ Degree in Applied Sport Psychology from California State University Fullerton.  During his graduate study, he was mentored by Dr. Ken Ravizza who is considered by many as one of the best professors in Applied Sport Psychology in the world.  For his Masters’ project, Brian created a mental skills training program for elite tennis players and has been applying the program to all his students.  The results have been outstanding.


Lawrence Formentera

Lawrence Formentera Ranked #2 Nationally in 16’s.


Nikko Madregallejo

2009 Orange Bowl Third Place in Boy’s 14’s


Clarke Spinosa

2012 National Open Hard Court Championship

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