Class of 2016

Daniel Park – Claremont McKenna College

Zamir Birnbach – Vassar College

Oscar Burney – Amherst College

Alex Chan – Seattle University

For Players Aspiring to Play College or Professional Tennis

Tennis Center Sand Point’s High Performance Program is directed by Brian Park.  The High Performance Program is for competitive junior players who have aspirations of playing college or even professional tennis and have the commitment to undergo the rigors of a player development program. Over the last eight years, as an owner and director of an academy in Southern California, Brian has coached over 30 players who were top 100 in the nation.

Brian has trained and placed over 40 players to prestigious Universities like UCLA, University of Oklahoma, University of Pennsylvania, University of San Diego, UC Irvine, UC Riverside, Amherst College, Air Force Academy, Carnegie Mellon, UC San Diego, Claremont McKenna College and many more.

Ranked Players


Jason Lui: #1 in the PNW for 18’s and #18 in the nation.

Oscar Burney: #5 in the PNW for 18’s.

Sasha Cayward: #8 in the PNW for 18’s.

Colton Weeldreyer: #11 in the PNW for 18’s.

Jack Katzman: #2 in the PNW for 16’s and #79 in the nation.

Viv Daniel: #3 in the PNW for 16’s.

Anders Gibbons: #6 in the PNW for 16’s.

Thomas Paulsell: #7 in the PNW for 14’s.

Jacob Sleight: #10 in the PNW for 14’s.

Tate Fuller: #12 in the PNW for 14’s.

Brock Anderson: #4 in the PNW for 12’s.

Natalie Fuller: #11 in the PNW for 12’s.

Isaac Herrenkohl: #15 in the PNW for 12’s.

Josh Kim: #16 in the PNW for 12’s.

Program Philosophy

“Talent is just the beginning, hard work is everything”

TCSP’s High Performance Program’s mission is to create an environment where players can be trained in all aspects of their game including mental skills, shot selection, strategy, proper mechanics, and fitness.

Training Culture

“We are a team”

  • Excellence is achieved by pushing one another
  • Challenging but supporting each other like a family
  • Understanding responsibilities as a tennis player
  • Making true commitments
  • Exercising self-discipline
  • Maintaining a progress tennis journal

Fitness Training

‘”In high level tennis, movement and fitness are everything”

  • Body weight resistance training
  • Plyometric training
  • Balance and agility
  • Speed training
  • Hand and eye coordination training to improve quick hands

Tournament Training

“Play with your mind & compete with your heart”

  • Successful competition
  • Mental toughness
  • Adjusting to different styles of play
  • Strategies & awareness
  • Being ready to adjust and compensate

Mental Toughness Training

“Stay in control of yourself before you control how you play”

  • Progressive relaxation training
  • Visualization training
  • Systematic goal setting for individuals
  • Finding each player’s “inner motivation”
  • Self Awareness
  • Self Regulation
  • Finding each player’s zone

Schedule a consultation and evaluation for your junior.

Contact High Performance Director Brian Park now.

Instructional Staff

Brian Park

High Performance Director

Brian is the Director of the High Performance Program at TCSP.  As a former eight year owner and director of an academy in Southern California, Brian coached over 30 players who were ranked top 100 in the nation. Brian has trained and placed over 40 players to prestigious Universities like UCLA, University of Oklahoma, University…

Kyle Schraeder

High Performance Coach

Kyle grew up playing tennis in the Pacific Northwest and developed a reputation as one of the toughest competitors in the area. As a junior, Kyle was a successful and hard-working student of the game. Kyle played at Eastern Washington University (EWU) for four years and helped develop the school into a nationally recognized name…

Lawrence Formentera

High Performance Coach

Lawrence was ranked #1 in southern California in boy’s 16’s and 18’s divisions. He was ranked #1 in the United States in boy’s 16’s division and 7th in boy’s 18’s division. He was the Easter Bowl’s 2007 boy’s 16’s champion and placed 4th at Kalamazoo in 2007. He competed in the Junior US Open as…

Guillermo Gomez

High Performance Coach

Guillermo grew up in Madrid, Spain where he learned how to play tennis at the age of 5. In juniors he earned a #100 senior national ranking in Spain and was top 4 in the Spanish national championships and #990 ATP. He was recruited by Georgia Tech, where he was a three-time ITA All-American and…

Jana Nejedly

High Performance Coach

Jana Nejedly is a native of Vancouver, Canada, and a former WTA Tour player. On her way to a career high ranking of #64, she reached the Third Round of both the 1999 Australian Open and 2001 US Open, as well as the Quarterfinals of the 2000 Family Circle Cup. She also claimed 8 titles…

Avery West

High Performance Coach

Important Information

  • High performance program has 4 players to 1 coach ratio & Maximum number of players on one court is 4
  • The High Performance program runs Monday through Saturday and follows the same 8-week schedule as the Junior Programs at TCSP.
  • Payments are made at the beginning of each 8-week session.
  • Please contact Brian Park via email to schedule a consultation and evaluation for your junior.
  • Brian Park’s email is  You may also reach him by phone at (714) 213-6773.
  • Private Lessons with Brian Park start at $100 per hour.

Indoor Session Schedule

SessionStarting DateEnding Date
Early FallAugust 31October 25
Late FallOctober 26December 20
Winter January 4February 28
Early SpringFebruary 29April 24
Late SpringApril 25June 19

Weekly Schedule

Tennis (B)
Tennis (A)
Tennis (B)
Tennis (A)
Tennis (A/B)
Ment: 12:30-1pm
Tennis (A)

Yoga: 3-4pm
Tennis (A)
Tennis (B)
Tennis (A)
Tennis (B)
Tennis (B)
Fit: 6-7pm

Fit: 6-7pm

Ment: 7-7:30pm
Fit: 6-7pm

Ment: 7-7:30pm
Fit: 6-7pmMent: 6-6:30pm

Billing Expectations


  • Payments are due by the first day of the session for the full 8 week session.
  • Please always specify how you would like your payment processed by accounting: On your House Account or by Check (can be handed in to the front desk).
  • A 5% discount will be given if 2 or more of your children are in our program.

Drop-in Class:

Drop-in classes must be prearranged with Rachel via the email. Drop-in classes are for High Performance players only. The fee for drop-in classes is $90.00 which is to be paid at the time of the drop in either by check or charged to the house account.

Parental Expectations

  • Players and parents will treat coaches and administrators with fairness and respect.
  • Parents will notify Brian or Rachel if their child cannot make class.
  • For a full list of Tennis Center Sand Point’s policies please refer to our website:

Make-up Lesson Policies

Have to be communicated with Rachel through emails only to

  • Makeup lessons will be given on a space available basis if and only if 24hour notice is given before missing a class.
  • 12hour notice is allowed for tournament play.
  • Makeup lessons will only be allowed if notice is given to Rachel via
  • All makeup classes must be used by the end of the session, no exceptions. Refunds will not be given for unused makeup classes.
  • You may give notice for a missed class as far in advance as possible, for example: holidays, tournament play, high school matches.
  • You may make requests for certain days to use as a makeup. I will confirm if there is space available or not. Please try to makeup in the morning or on Saturdays if possible (we have more courts available at these times).
  • There will be no makeup lessons for missed Fitness and Mental sessions.

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