General Questions

Is the Tennis Center at Sand Point (TCSP) a private tennis club?

  • No. The TCSP is a public tennis facility owned and operated by a private management group.

What times of the day can I play tennis at the new TCSP?

Indoor Season Hours

  • Monday to Friday = 5:45 am – 11:15 pm
  • Saturday to Sunday = 7:00 am – 10:00 pm


Summer Hours

  • Monday to Friday = 5:45am – 10:00pm
  • Saturday to Sunday = 7:00am – 8:45pm

What days of the year will the TCSP be closed?

  • Christmas Day
  • Labor Day
  • Maintenance days – TBD
  • Half Days or limited hours:
    Fourth of July
    Thanksgiving Day
    Christmas Eve
    New Year’s Eve
    New Year’s Day

Does TCSP have dedicated parking?

  • Parking is open to all patrons of Magnuson Park and is on a first-come first-serve basis.
  • There are approximately 50 spaces by the entry to the tennis center including ADA parking.
  • There is no charge for parking in Magnuson Park.

Does TCSP donate Gift Certificates to schools and non-profit organizations for auctions?

  • Yes. The TCSP issues a limited number of gift certificates to schools and non-profit organizations every year.  For more information please contact Monica Blum at

TCSP's Hits for Health

How do I help if I am out of town on November 13th?

You can follow the links and make a direct donation on the Fred Hutch page, AND send our invitation to any friends who might want to contribute!

My junior player doesn't have $100 for the court donation..... what's the best way for him to find sponsor/donors?

Have your player forward the link for the event to his classmates, friends and family and ask them to make a joint donation using his name! He may end up being one of top donation winners!

I want to participate but don't have anyone to hit with?

We will find someone for you to hit with! Just get yourself registered and paid for at a time that works for you and we will have a hitting partner for you!

I want to participate with a large group. What's the best way to do this?

For large groups, purchase 1 court per 2 players. If you have 10 players, then purchase 5 courts at $100 each or $500 total. However, raising more than the minimum is highly encouraged! Be sure to email us to let us know all your players names that will be participating at

Is there a general fund I can contribute to rather than rally?

Yes, if you cannot be at the rally or choose not to, you can still follow the online information page to a donation link.

I don't like giving my credit card out, can I make a cash or check contribution for any amount at the TCSP desk and to whom to I make it out?

Checks can be made directly to “Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center” and turn it into the TCSP Front Desk.

Are all the donations going to cancer research?

Yes, the court time, facility and extra costs related to putting on this event are all being donated by Tennis Center Sand Point.

I am a super busy student but I need service hours so is there any way that I can help out and get service hours?

Yes, just email to learn where we can use some help on Sunday November 13th.

I want to be my Cup Team's representative so how do I get them to contribute to my court time donations?

Just forward one of the flyers and let them know you are going to be rallying… They can contribute to your court by using the joint donation prompt at the end of the donation page. Fred Hutch will keep track of all the donations you raise and will keep us informed as well.

Is there an age limit to Hits for Health?

If you can rally the ball and raise the funds you are welcome and greatly appreciated!

What happens if I can't hit 500 balls without missing in the 20 minute time frame?

While there will be some competitions within our Rally-athon, there is no penalty for not getting 500 consecutive balls. Most will probably have a few breaks but the fun is in the trying and the fundraising is really the doing for this special day!

Court Reservations

How does one reserve a court online?

  • After logging into your online account, you can see the court times that are available or booked by clicking on “Reserve a Court”.
    Simply select the court time you want and follow the prompts to reserve the court.

Payment for the court will be taken upon reservation unless you have a weekly billing account.

Why is there a different rate for Prime Time court rentals?

  • Prime Time are the high usage hours.  Prime Time court rentals are for court times from Monday through Thursday during the 5pm – 8:45pm hours.

Can I split the payment for the court rental with other members that have online accounts?

  • Yes.  You can select other members to share in the cost of renting a court during the reservation process.

Will I have to pay a guest fee if I am playing with someone that is a non-member?

  • No. There are no guest fees for non-members. Guests must check-in at the Front Desk prior to playing and are encouraged to arrive 10 minutes early prior to court or class time.

Is there a fee to cancel a court?

  • Courts can be cancelled without a fee at least 48 hours prior to the court reservation time. Courts that are cancelled within the 48 hours prior to the reservation time will be subject to the full court fee.

If i cancel within the 48 hour time period and someone else books the court, am I still charged?

  • TCSP charges for all cancellations within 48 hours prior to the court time.

Is there a certain time of the day that courts will become available online to reserve in advance?

  • Courts open for booking at 5:45am for 6-day advance reservations. Membership is required for advance court bookings.

Can I reserve more than one court at a time?

  • Members can only reserve one court per time slot.
    Members can reserve a maximum of three (3) tennis courts at a time.

    If a member is currently on-court and nobody has booked the court time immediately following them, they may come out after their original court time and book the next slot.

    Members can play on more than one court time a day (e.g. if they play with a friend who booked the court, they can still add their name to the court to split the cost); they can also take as many classes and private lessons a day as they wish.

Are there any limitations to reserving court times at the TCSP?

  • Members may reserve up to three (3) tennis courts at any given time within their 6-day reservation window.

    Members may reserve one (1) Prime Time court at any given time within their 6-day reservation window.

    No more than one court can be booked during the same time slot.

Why don't you allow outside hoppers?

  • Outside hoppers are not allowed because we have had issues with people replacing their balls with fresher TCSP balls. Hoppers are available for rent at a cost of $5.

Private Lessons

What is the cancellation policy for private lessons?

  • Cancellation policy: 24 hours prior to the lesson. Players must contact the Tennis Pro directly. If you cancel within 24 hours of your lesson, you will be responsible for paying the entire lesson.


I withdrew from a class last session. Can I use that account credit towards my husband's class this session?

Yes. If your accounts are linked, the system will automatically transfer credit from linked accounts to accounts with outstanding charges on them.

How does the House Account work? When does my credit card get charged?

TCSP processes payments for each member account by charging the credit card associated with that account for the entire balance on the account every Monday morning. If an account does not have a card associated with it, payment for service is due at the time of booking. In the event a card is declined, that member will have 7 days after the first failed transaction to remit payment for all outstanding charges. Accounts with outstanding balances older than 7 days will have their memberships suspended until their billing information has been updated, and they will be unable to enroll in classes and private lessons, reserve court times, or play in USTA leagues. Once we have received payment, all suspended services will be reactivated. Please call the Front Desk after remitting payment to ensure that your membership is reactivated.


Do you have to become a member to play?

  • As of October 23rd, 2017, membership will be required for all tennis services except for our complimentary senior court times. Membership is required to take private lessons, register for classes, reserve courts, and participate in league play.

What are the benefits of Standard Access Membership?

  • Online Membership Account Access
  • Reserve courts 6 days in advance online
  • Register for all Tennis Programs & Clinics online
  • Private Lesson Eligibility
  • Register for TCSP Special Events & Clinics
  • USTA & Seattle Cup League Team Eligibility

How can non-members participate at the TCSP?

  • Non-members may play on courts reserved by a member host at no additional cost.
  • Non-members must sign a liability waiver prior to playing.
  • Senior non-members (65+) may participate in our complimentary senior court times.

How long is a membership good for?

  • Memberships are annual, with auto-renewals scheduled one-year from the date of purchase. You can opt out of auto-renew by emailing Monica Blum at

Can I receive a refund or transfer a Standard Membership?

  • Refunds will only be allowed in the event that a member has to move out of the Seattle area.
  • Memberships are non-transferable and will be returned to the Tennis Center upon expiration, early termination or early surrender for refund due to a relocation/move.

Families & Seniors

Can I register a family member under my online account?

  • Although TCSP does not offer a family membership, a spouse, child, and/or senior members of your family may be registered individually and linked to your online account through a credit card. Your online account would act as the financially responsible account.

Do I have to be a member in order for my child(ren) to participate in a tennis program?

  • No. Any junior can become a member on their own with a parent/guardian’s consent. Payments for tennis activities will be managed online via the parent/guardian.

Will junior members be able to reserve court times to play on?

  • Yes.  Any junior member can reserve a court time through his/her online account with an approved credit card on file by a parent/guardian, however juniors under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult on the court.  Junior members are not able to reserve Prime Time courts on Monday through Thursday during the 5pm – 9pm hours.

Will seniors receive a discount on their tennis activities or tennis court rentals?

  • TCSP discounts Senior memberships by 34% and Senior clinics by 27%.
  • TCSP offers Seniors complimentary court times during certain allocated times of the week

Are there opportunities for seniors to play for free at TCSP? And, if so, how does one take advantage of this opportunity?

  • Each week, the TCSP will offer free court times for seniors.
    It will be offered on a first-come first-serve basis and is limited to two reservations per senior per week.

Registration & Classes

I don't have a rating with TCSP, but I have a USTA rating. Can I use this as my TCSP rating to sign up for classes?

  • Yes! If you play USTA Adult Leagues and have a verifiable rating on the USTA’s TennisLink website, call the Front Desk at (206) 522 – 5008, and we will enter this in our system as your NTRP rating.
  • We do not accept ratings from different clubs or instructors who are not employed at TCSP.

What is the refund policy for dropping a class?

  • Class Change / Refund Policy: Schedule changes must be secured by the first Sunday of each session, and can only be done on a space available basis. No schedule change(s), refunds, or account credit will be allowed after the first Sunday of each session. For instance, if the first day of the session is Monday, January 04, 2016, then the last day to withdraw from a class is Sunday, January 10, 2016. Refunds will be issued in the form of Account Credit, and may be prorated if you withdraw after the first class meeting. Account credit will only apply to the use of tennis-related activities, i.e. programs, lessons, clinics, court and ball machine rentals, and USTA/Cup team activity. Credit from classes and programs cannot be applied towards the Pro Shop or Cafe purchases. In case of injury, a doctor’s note is needed for account credit.

What's the drop-in policy for clinics and fitness classes? If the class is full, but not everyone shows up, can a player drop-in?

  • There are no drop-ins for Instructional Classes in order to keep the progression of the class the same with the people in the class, but players can drop in to any fitness class (Ball Machine Clinic, Live Ball, Cardio Tennis, Boot Camp) under certain conditions:

    • You are a member.
    • You have a rating that qualifies you for the class.
    • If a class is not full or has dedicated drop-in spots, you may drop in and pay the per-time fee.
    • If a class is full, you may drop in on a space-available basis ONLY.
      • Drop-Ins are required to wait in the lobby at least 5 minutes for attendance to be taken and to give enrolled players a chance to be present.
      • Drop-Ins are not allowed on court to warm up during the this waiting period.
    • Classes open to drop-ins 30 minutes prior to each class start time. Drop-ins will be first-come, first-serve to members in-person at the Front Desk only.

If a player misses a class, is there a make-up policy?

  • Due to the high volume of players TCSP serves, we are unable effectively offer make-ups.

What is the policy on subbing for classes?

  • There are no subs. Anyone wishing to sub may drop-in at the normal per-time rate/rules.

Can I drop a class to sign up for a different class?

  • Class Change / Refund Policy: Schedule changes must be secured by the first Sunday of each session, and can only be done on a space available basis. No schedule change(s), refunds, or account credit will be allowed after the first Sunday of each session. For instance, if the first day of the session is Monday, January 04, 2016, then the last day to withdraw from a class is Sunday, January 10, 2016. Refunds will be issued in the form of Account Credit, and may be prorated if you withdraw after the first class meeting. Account credit will only apply to the use of tennis-related activities, i.e. programs, lessons, clinics, court and ball machine rentals, and USTA/Cup team activity. Credit from classes and programs cannot be applied towards the Pro Shop or Cafe purchases. In case of injury, a doctor’s note is needed for account credit.

Do you offer priority registration for people already enrolled in class?

  • All players looking to register for classes have the same registration date. Keeping registration opportunities equal for both current and new players is the best way to give a fair shot to the most new members and players as possible to get on court.

I will be out of town on Registration Day or without access to internet. Can I sign up over the phone?

  • We will not accept any phone registrations during the first week registration is open. We recommend providing a friend with your username and password and asking them to sign you up online.

Can I sign my friend up for classes?

  • If your friend has provided you their username and password, you can sign them up online. If you are signing up in-person, you may sign your family members up along with members from one other family.

I am rated a 3.5. Can I join a 3.0 class because it works better with my schedule?

  • No. In order to ensure the best possible experience and opportunity for growth for all players, everyone is required to have the exact rating specified for that particular class.

I just created my account but can’t access it.

  • You can reset your password using the link at If you are still unable to access your account, please do not create multiple accounts.  Give our Front Desk a call at 206.522.5008, and we can change your username and/or reset your password manually.

I cannot see the class schedule when I log in.

  • The system filters out results based on various account attributes. In order to sign up for non-beginner tennis classes, you must have 1) an active membership and 2) an NTRP rating on file. Juniors must also have the correct age and rating. Please see our Get Started page for more details.

The class I am interested in says to "Call", instead of "Sign Up".

  • If a class says to “Call”, then the class is at maximum capacity and we are no longer accepting new participants. Please text or call the Front Desk at 206.522.5008 to be placed on the waitlist. In the event a spot opens up, we will call and email you letting you know. If we are unable to reach you by phone call, you have 24 hours to respond until we reach out to the next waitlister.

I took Clinic 2.0 last session. Why can I not see Clinic 2.5? / My child took Red Ball 1.0 last session. Why can I see Red Ball 2.0?

  • If you were not notified of a rating change, then your instructor has determined your rating has remained the same and that you should re-enroll in the same level of class for the following session.

Can I use my account credit to pay for class online?

  • This is something our software company is still developing. If you have account credit you would like to apply to your class, please register for the class by paying in full first. Then call our Front Desk at 206.522.5008 to have one of our Front Desk staff refund your payment equal to the amount of your credit and manually apply it.

There aren't any links allowing me to register when I click on "Register for Classes".

Registration opens for each class on its respective registration day at 6am. See our Get Started page for details.

If it is registration day and you can see the classes but no links to sign up, then check to make sure that you are not using Internet Explorer. This is a known issue regarding Internet Explorer’s incompatibility with our software. Please note that due to our software’s processing and security standards, most versions of Internet Explorer are not compatible with our software.

I added the class to my cart but it is not showing up under “Your Registrations”.

  • You are not signed up for the class until you submit payment. After adding a class to your cart, click on “View Cart” in the top-right of the screen. From there, you will be able to “Continue, to Check Out’ in the bottom-right. After completing the payment process, the class should now show up under “Your Registrations” and in your Statement

The system says “You are not approved for this class” when I click on “Sign Up”.

  • In order to sign up for non-beginner tennis classes, you must have 1) an active membership and 2) an eligible NTRP rating on file. Juniors must also have the correct age and rating. Please see our Get Started page for more details.

Under “Your Registrations”, it lists more classes than I am currently enrolled in.

  • Unfortunately, the system lists past class registrations as well as any current registrations. This is something our software provider is currently working on. Only the classes with the Season Information displayed are current.
    • e.g.  TCSP Indoor Season 2016-17 (08/29/2016 – 06/18/2017)

I added a class to my cart and attempted to submit payment information, but I received a “Payment Amount Invalid” message. Am I signed up for the class?

  • No. These kickbacks are related to the timing of the registration process. As multiple people are in the process of registering, some members complete their registrations before others. So while there was potentially a spot open when the class was initially to their cart, there may no longer be any spots left at the time registration is completed. The notification “Invalid Payment Amount” is generated due to the fact that the system no longer recognizes a charge to be paid for, since the class no longer has any available spots.

I am receiving an error message when trying to register.




How do I get move up in rating? How do I get re-rated?

  • If enrolled in a class, players wanting an updated rating can obtain a Rating Change Evaluation Form from the Front Desk. Players should give this form to their instructor at the start of class, who will then evaluate specific areas of that player’s game with numerical scores and provide any additional comments as necessary. If there is a rating change, the Front Desk will input the new rating into the player’s profile.
  • Players will be limited to one (1) rating update per session. If that player is enrolled in multiple classes, we recommend requesting a rating update within an instructional class.
  • Players can request their rating update at any time during a session. We recommend requesting an update the week before registration opens for the next session (usually 4th week of class) or the last week of each session.
  • Players can also request a Private Rating Evaluation for $25 at any time they wish, pending availability.

Why should I get re-rated during the middle of a session rather than at the end of a session? Won't I improve?

  • Registration for the next session usually occurs around the 4th week of the current session. If you think that you are ready to play in the next level up, you should get re-rated before registration for the next session opens.
  • By having registration for the upcoming session before the last weeks of class, TCSP is able accommodate player schedule changes as well as adjust class offerings depending on enrollment levels. If at the end of the session a player has improved enough to merit a rating increase, they may adjust their registrations for the next session as space allows. If they are unable to enroll in a class with their new rating, they will be able to participate in any classes they have already enrolled in.