Instructional Clinics and group lessons for adult players of all skill levels

TCSP offers a wide array of instructional clinics and group lessons for adult players of all skill levels. In addition to providing key fundamentals for your groundstrokes and serves, TCSP strives to constantly provide you with knowledge to help grow your game and confidence to new heights. TCSP believes the journey and experience of developing your tennis game should be fun, educational and rewarding.

Seniors will find a great selection of classes to fit their speed and skill set.  TCSP will be a large provider of senior tennis classes and opportunities for seniors to gather and socialize. For questions about Adult programming and classes, please contact Tennis Director, Jamie Dieveney via email.  Also please see the Senior Activities page for more information.

Be Rated and Ready!

TCSP uses NTRP Ratings to help players find the appropriate class and program that best fits their level of play.  Ratings help everyone’s experience on the court and ensures all players maximize their time on the court.  If you play USTA Adult League or are a seasoned tournament player with a verifiable rating on the USTA’s TennisLink website, we will use that rating for you in our system.

To see an official guide to the National Tennis Rating Program, please see this link:

NTRP Guidelines Chart

If you do not have a rating or have never been rated before, please come to our Complimentary Evaluation  Clinics on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month at 3:45.  There you will be rated by one of our professional instructors and given a recommendation of classes to take based on your current level of play.  No need to sign up in advance.  Just show up dressed and ready to play.  We can even provide you a demo racquet.  For questions, please contact TCSP Tennis Director, Jamie Dieveney via email and inquire more about our rating policy.

Please note that if “Call” comes up when registering for a class it means the class is full.  Please call the Front Desk at (206) 522-5008 to be put on the wait list or to find other options.

The right activity for you

Tennis in 10

The journey begins…If you’ve never picked up a racquet or have played less than a handful of times in your life, this class is perfect for you!  Tennis in 10 is designed to teach you the basic tennis skills quickly for the beginning or re-entry level player.  This class will highlight the primary tennis shots, scoring, singles/doubles play, positioning and grips in a fun environment.

The Zone (formerly Stroke of the Week)

The Zone is a perfect blend of technique, fitness and fun!  Each week the class will highlight a specific tennis concept designed to help you to progressively build your skills on the court.  This class combines a blend of fitness and situational play to help you up your game and have fun on the court.  Players must be a NTRP 2.5 level or higher to join.

Instructional Clinics

All of our instructional group clinics are designed to have a combination of developing fundamentals, technique, and strategy in a fun environment. For a guide on what class level is perfect for you click here for the official NTRP ratings chart.  To schedule a tennis evaluation with tennis director, Jamie Dieveney, please email in your request to set up a time to

Ball Machine

This high energy class is designed to help you improve stroke technique and foot positioning.  Four ball machines are set up on two courts, with each machine you’ll work on a particular stroke while getting an intense cardio workout in the process.  Your movement will also be videotaped and reviewed for evaluation and player development.  Players must be a NTRP 2.5 level or higher to join.

Play Instruct

Play Instructs are designed to put you in match play situations and give you the tactical tools needed to compete.  Play Instructs are limited to 3 players per class for singles and 5 players per class for doubles.  Players must have the appropriate NTRP Rating to sign up for the class.

Wimbledon Workout

Perfect for players who want to improve their match play.  It’s 75 minutes of high intensity drilling, situational coaching and playing along with some conditioning but you won’t even know you’re working out because of all the fun!!

Fitness Clinics

High intensity, calorie burning tennis drills

Cardio Tennis is open to all players rated 2.0+ and is a high energy fitness activity that combines the best features of the sport of tennis with cardiovascular exercise, delivering the ultimate, full body, calorie burning aerobic workout.


Boot Camp series classes are designed for the serious player dedicated to elevating his/her game to the next level by combining Cardio Tennis with Crossfit-like exercises designed to strengthen your core, legs and dynamic movements.  Boot Camp is for players rated 3.5 and above who are looking for a hybrid of cardio and strength-conditioning combined with fast-paced situational drilling run very much like a college tennis team practice.

Drill-n-Play is for the advanced player looking for a college level workout that includes intense drills run by high caliber instructors and fitness elements to push you to your limit.  This 4.0+ level workout consists of lots of competitive play that helps players develop their point play and incorporate strategies and new tactics.


TRX Tennis led by one of our pros and certified TRX Trainer is a super combination of on court high-intensity drilling and live ball point play, coupled with the TRX Suspension Trainer.  The TRX Trainer uses your own body weight and gravity for a low-impact, high intensity workout designed to strengthen your core muscles and body.  Players will participate in 4 rounds of TRX Training and tennis intervals alternating from one station to the next for the ultimate overall workout.

Off Court Training

Strength, Fitness and Mental Focus

TRX Fitness is designed to help you build your strength and core using your own body weight.  Led by our certified TRX Trainer, Mindy Pederson, she will help you meet your training and fitness goals with the use of the TRX machine.  The TRX Trainer uses the gravity of your own body weight to help you build strength, power, balance, coordination and flexibility.  Custom classes are available for small groups by request, for questions or interest please contact Mindy Pedersen at

The Mental Skills Training Series is geared towards helping players of all levels become better competitors by training the mind, including visualization and relaxation exercises, systematic goal setting for player development, playing under pressure and stress management among other skills. Led by Brian Park, High Performance Director, players now have the opportunity to experience the same mental skills training the High Performance Juniors do.  Custom classes are available upon request for small groups, for questions or interest please contact Brian Park at

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2014 – 2015 Indoor Season Schedule

SessionStarting DateEnding Date
Early FallSeptember 2October 26
Late FallOctober 27December 21
Winter January 5March 1
Early SpringMarch 2April 26
Late SpringApril 27June 21
Summer Camps June 22August 27
Summer July 6August 23

Special Note for Late Fall

Please Note there will NOT be any regularly scheduled programs during the Thanksgiving Weekend.  Programs have been pro-rated to 7 weeks for Late Fall on the following days:





 Updated Policies for Programs & Classes

Make-Up Classes are not available: Please note that TCSP will no longer offer a make-up policy for missed classes. There will also be no issuance of account credit or financial refunds for missed classes.

Substitute Policy: Substitution is only allowed in Adult Fitness classes such as Cardio Tennis, Wimbledon Workout and Boot Camps. Instructional classes such as Tennis in 10 and Clinics 2.0-3.5 will not allow substitution for the sake of a program’s continuity. There will be no substituting in Junior program classes either.

Drop In Policy: Drop-ins are not available for classes with full registrations or clinics or Tennis in 10, in order to avoid potential over enrollment or disruption in class continuity.  Drop-ins are only available for fitness classes, if space is available.  Members and non-members are allowed to “drop in” on a space available basis 15 minutes prior to class start time (payment must be taken prior to the start of class at the Front Desk). Please call the Front Desk to check for space availability.

Class Change Policy: Schedule changes must be secured within one week from the first day of class of each session and can only be done on a space available basis.  No schedule change(s), refunds or account credit will be allowed after the first week of the start of the class(es) for each session.  With the exception of injury (via Doctor’s note) or moving out of town, no refunds will be issued.

Refund Policy: Refunds will only consist of Issued Account Credit within the first week of the start date of the class(es).  Account credit will only apply to the use of tennis related activities, i.e. programs, lessons, clinics, court and ball machine rentals and USTA/Cup team activity.  Credit from classes and programs cannot be applied towards the Pro Shop or Cafe purchases.

Level Policy: TCSP is in the midst of its “Rated and Ready” Campaign.  Players will need to have an NTRP Rating on file in order to register for classes and programs.   Players are also welcome to attend a complimentary evaluation offered throughout the year for a NTRP rating.  Note that the TCSP Instructional Staff reserves the right to make appropriate placement adjustments as they see fit anytime during the course of any class.  

Behavior and Conduct of Children: TCSP expects children to exercise respectful behavior, disruptive behavior is grounds for dismissal from the TCSP facility. For more details, please refer to TCSP Policies & Procedures-07-2014 under Supervision and Conduct of Children Policies.